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Quinn to Start last 3 games

Chip Banks

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Mangini is taking a very small gamble.


He knows from two games that Quinn couldn't be successful in this offense. He also knows that DA's contract means nobody will trade for him. He can throw DA out there to hope he can make something happen with his arm with no risk of diminishing non-existent trade value.


At least 5 of our last 7 games are against the worst opponents we will face. I think Mangini was hoping toward the end of the season the rookies would progress and we'd see a little more fluid offense.


Bringing in Quinn in the 4th Quarter of the Ravens game in a blow out to do a little dink and dunk stats padding and then giving him this last run of 7 games gives him a chance to get back up to being viewed as a legit QBing option when compared to what Anderson has done in the same offense. At the same time, it all but guarantees that he will not reach his bonus.


Say Quinn puts up an 80ish passer rating and we score some TDs during his run -- maybe you salvage a third rounder in shipping him out.


Quinn will be back under center for the final 3 games. Maybe the final 7.

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The problem is if Quinn is thrown there without having the proper synchronization with his WRs and TEs we might pretty much lose those winnable games and Quinns trade value might take a further hit. Remember, we may be facting the Jackonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Cheifs but we are still the Ever Rebuilding Cleveland Browns !!!!!!!!!!!

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