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Not in any particular order...


I love Mangini's attitude toward the drafting of players: Character, Intelligence, team-oriented, loves football, very hard worker.

THEN if they pass that test, you look at talent. It's how you build a TEAM.



The Browns are stuck. I don't care what the Browns SAY, I think they started Quinn to see if the Browns would win

games, and when they didn't, they decided that DA was going to go out there, because he was expendable, seein as

how he was only a 6th round draft pick anyways. They are protecting Quinn's value, psyche, and rep. I don't know how

to figure it any other way.



Why do the Browns keep ending up with OC's who weren't OC's before? And, why do they always? RUN on FIRST DOWN?

And, all too often, on SECOND DOWN? WHY when a play actually works, they quickly negate it's effectiveness by calling

it again. And too often?



Is it me, or do I see Jamal Lewis hitting the hole much quicker to the left, than to the right? Maybe I'm imagining it, but maybe

he is like the qb's... a bit tentative in relying on the right side to block effectively?



Da has been in the league how many years, and still throws the short throws as hard as he can? Can the Browns insert

a variable capacitor into his cannon arm ? Or would it also require a mini-missile guidance system inserted into his brain?

I'm just sayin - I think DA would be a far better qb for the Browns, if he were assimulated by the Borg...



The Browns' pass defense is a joke. I don't know why they don't at least TRY to prevent passes from being thrown

underneath all the time. It reeks of "we know we suck and we can't cover man to man, so we just want the receivers

to constantly be wide open for short and intermediate throws, instead of long bombs. That way we can only lose the game by

three touchdowns instead of seven".

Or... I just don't know.



I'm also thinkin that I would like to trade Brodney Pool for a whatever pick (third? GGG), and move McDonald

to safety. Or maybe Move Eric Wright to safety.

Anyways, I would like the Browns to draft two blue chippy cb's in the draft next year, who can actually play man to man,

aggressively. I miss Dixon and Minnifield, even though Minnifield was aggravating with his untimely penalties in certain games.

I'd settle for McDonald going to nickle back and ONE top cb picked up in maybe the second round.



I really like our two rookie wr's. It's early, and they can play already. Wait til later on and just watch.



And yes, I seriously would love to get Kolb as a veteran qb for the Browns next year, if Quinn isn't the answer.



Lb speed. Watching our lb's try to cover HInes Ward for 5 seconds... no freakin wonder Ward laughs while he runs routes

and catches the ball wide open, and gets TD's.


I hate Hines Ward because he's so good.


I don't have a problem with Mangini, at least he is civil and not hostile to the media like Buttichek was.


The "Browns Red Zone" is a good Browns show, on the STO channel, drect tv. Jim "what, me worry?" Donovan is a silly goof,

and whats-his-name is just a dummy, but I like listening to what Doug Dieken has to say.

But, Sam Rutigliano has also been on the show, and if I were learner, I would have been consulting with Sam Ruitigliano (and Kosar)

ever since the Browns came back.

Sam Rutigliano is one of my favorite pro coaches ever, and I admire his humor, his perception, and understanding of the game,

and his appraisal of ... well, anything. He's GREAT.


My Wife and i stopped to check on a pickup truck for a friend, ... I called the guy from the # on the sign, he was on his way

up to the Browns game, and he said "Yeah, I know, I'm stupid, but I just wanted to go see the stadium even though the Browns

suck again. How embarrassing...."


Being a Browns fan is like that. But, the Browns never paid much attention to their oline, or their dline for that matter,

and guys like Pool and McDonald shouldn't have been drafted... I mean, why draft Wimbley, who I like, and not have

a legit NT? The dline couldn't do their job, and that ruins the lb's ability to do their job. Then, even if they do hold them

to third and long heroically, the opposing offense just laughs and throws an easy wide open pass for a first down. Amost every time.


Our OC is not a smart play-caller. Before, we could sit around and very accurately call the plays before they were run. Now,

this guy isn't that bad by any stretch, except for first down. 60-40 on second down.


I wish somebody somewhere would put a "KICK ME I'M STUPID" sign on Savage's butt, wherever he is.

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