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Some great stuff from the folks at TFY Draft:


- Several sources have told us over the past week that Washington quarterback Jake Locker will enter the draft. In fact one week ago we were told the Husky coaching staff is gearing up for Locker's departure after the season. With the injury to Sam Bradford and uninspired play of Jevan Snead a number of scouts around the league have Locker rated as the number one quarterback in the nation.




- Several sources have told us the word out of South Bend is quarterback Jimmy Clausen is headed to the draft after the season. Most agree if this is Clausen's final decision it is a mistake. Many scouts and NFL decision makers firmly believe in the 30/3000 formula for success for underclassmen signal callers who leave college early for a life in the NFL; 30 career wins and 3,000 yards passing per season. Clausen threw for 3172 yards as a sophomore and is on pace for 3500 this season. His freshman season resulted in just 1254. He led Notre Dame to seven victories one year ago and has notched five this season, with five games remaining in the regular campaign.

Also, check out their quarterback rankings:


1 1st Sam Bradford Oklahoma 4Jr
  • Cognizant passer with the physical and mental skills necessary to be a starter on the NFL level. Patients, instinctive and very accurate. Good arm and can throw the long ball. Needs to learn to play in an pro-style offense but can lead a franchise at the next level. Shoulder injury will be costly but still expected to enter the draft.
2 1st Jevan Snead Mississippi 4Jr
  • Strong armed signal caller with an outstanding feel for the position as well as pocket presence. Can make all the throws, uses all his targets and very accurate. Zips the outs, challenges the vertical game and drives deep passes. Takes a few chances on occasion and will put the ball into coverage but offers a great amount of potential. In the midst of a very disappointing junior season.
3 1st Ryan Mallett Arkansas 3So
  • Considered by most a better NFL prospect than Chad Henne as a freshman at Michigan. Proto-typical pocket passer with a rifle arm. Needs to develop his game and would be better off returning to school yet offers incredible upside.
4 2nd Tim Tebow Florida 4Sr
  • Smart, tough signal caller always in control of the situation. Has great pocket awareness and a true leader on the field. Possesses all the physical and mental skills to lead a franchise but needs a complete overhaul on his throwing mechanics.
5 1-2 Jake Locker Washington 4Jr
  • Athletic signal caller with a huge upside. Needs a lot of work on his overall game but worth the effort. Slowly turning from thrower to passer and really elevating his quarterback game this season. Moving up draft boards.
6 2nd Jimmy Clausen Notre Dame 4Jr
  • An enigma at the quarterback position. Offers great physical skills and at times shows the "wow" factor. Then all too often Clausen leaves you shaking your head and wondering what he was thinking. Best case scenario is he returns to school, improves his game and enters the 2011 draft as an early pick.
7 2nd Colt McCoy Texas 5Sr
  • Smart and tough passer with great intangibles as well as character. Resilient, stays with the action and always makes proper decisions. Shows great awareness and a feel for the game but more of a dink and dunk passer who'll struggle in the vertical game.
8 2-3 Tony Pike Cincinnati 5Sr
  • Poised, patient passer with a solid arm. Displays a nice sense of knowing where his receivers are on the field, throws an effective deep ball or zips the outs. Moving up draft boards but the recent injury will be a big red flag. Still plenty of debate as to whether of not he's a starter in the NFL.
9 3rd Case Keenum Houston 4Jr
  • Smart, cognizant passer with a nice feel for the position. Displays poise, patience and the ability to use all his targets. Decent arm strength yet nothing fantastic. Terrific timing passer with nice accuracy.
10 3-4 Christian Ponder Florida State 4Jr
  • Solid developmental signal caller with a good upside. Patient in the pocket, effectively controls the offense and takes advantage of his opportunities. Displays the ability to pick up yardage with his legs. Takes most of his snaps from the shotgun and must learn to play in a disciplined, NFL style offense. His game has taken major strides in 2009.
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Cognizant passer with the physical and mental skills necessary to be a starter on the NFL level. Patients, instinctive and very accurate. Good arm and can throw the long ball. Needs to learn to play in an pro-style offense but can lead a franchise at the next level.


thank you very much....medical on throwing arm....could really hurt his stock...if not got to be considered...for me its locker...just put him in day 1 and let him stick it up while he learns...forget the fking stupid sit on the bench shit!

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To bad Pike has the serious injury bug. That left arm has been surgically repaired twice. The last left arm injury he was just using his arms to break his fall and he did it. He would have to be 3rd round or later to take him. We really should use are first 3 picks on people we believe can come in and start right away.

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No doubt that Jake Locker would come out, many are going to point to Bradford's situation for years to come as to why if you are projected high, you should enter the draft.


You will see the BQ/DA QB debate which real soon to QB or No-QB debate as the Bowl approach us, followed closely by those listed above being cruntinized.


Gonna be fun ... I expect Bradford to settle into the pact if others emerge down the stretch. If others shoot themselves in the foot, Bradford will be front and center.

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