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Fantasy Football Follies 2009


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beanpothockey.jpg League One:

Beanpot took full advantage of the Carson Palmer (34) to Ochocinco (29) connection to give his team its third win in a row. The 121-89 defeat of the Ballantyne Buckeyes boosts Beanpot into 4th place and earns him the League One Viagra award nomination. Beanpot will be seeking win #4 during a week 8 contest with league leading Insert Clever Name. Beanpot will be scouring the bench for talent as both Palmer and 85 are on a Bye week.


Insert Clever Name secured the League One lead by arresting the Usual Suspects, hampered by the absence of key players. The Bye Week Blues (aka B1WB1) have beset several teams and cost the Suspects dearly. This was the third consecutive 'W' for ICN thanks to Reggie Wayne (18) Cedric Benson (18) and San Diego's DEF (22) ICN will be without Benson and Pits DEF next week but will otherwise be at full strength.


alwAys LOsing was optimistic going into MNF. Greenville Mahem had been hurt by GooseEgg.jpgs from Brian Westbrook (concussion) and Atlanta's DEF. Alo must have been giddy as DeSean Jackson ran roughshod over Washinton in the Monday Night Bowl. Jackson's 22 points were impressive but not enough to bring home the crispy_bacon_1.jpg. Mayhem was able to notch their third win in as many weeks, squeaking by ALO, 77-75. The loss was ALO's 4th in a row. The general manager of ALO's team was last seen wrestling Zombo for the keys to the basement liquor cabinet in a quest for a swig of Hoorta's Orange Stuff. ( http://thebrownsboard.com/forums/index.php...mp;#entry132104 )


Speaking of Zombo, the Owner/GM of Derek and the Zombonos correctly predicted the outcomes of 6 out of 7 League matchups this past week. He missed on only the DTBH v. Flug's contest. Have a cold beverage on us, Zombo!


Derek and the Zombonos finally won one, making a feeble attempt at craling out of the cellar, by taking a bite out of T's Jelly Donuts.krispykreme.jpg The Donuts, also infected with B1BW1, made no attempt to find a sub for K, Matt Prater, who spent his week off, wel, who knows. Perhaps he spent it pondering his birthplace, Mansfield, OH and feeling grateful not to be one of the Cleveland Browns. Zombonos 70; Donuts 44.


Jumpin' Jack Flash sent Navdawg's Browns plummeting to the nether regions, 91-58. The Flash jumped into second place with the help of Ricky Williams (25) and Tom Brady (20). Flash hopes to make the leap into 1st place in week 8 by running over the Ballantyne Buckeyes.


Huskymania bullied CalfoxKosar Dawgs 103-60 despite a flimsy 3 point showing from that Pittsburgh team's Rashard Mendenhall.


Flug's Cardiac Kids snagged a share of the top by beating DTBH 94-67. Only 5 overall points keep ICN at the top of the heap followed by Jumpin' Jack Flash, then Flug's is 33 points back but with the same 5-2-0 record.


potobeans.jpgFull 'O Beans League TWO:

Bo and the Boz fought off pretenders, Double D;s to secure the League Two lead with an unmatched 6-1-0 record. Bo was smug in victory, brushing off compliments with the team mantra, "Bo knows fantasy." Justin Hermouf will attempt to end Bo's winning streak at 5 in week 8. Justin will be looking for strong performances from Tony Romo and Frank Gore in the matchup. Hermouf will also be looking for a career day from Denver's defens, hoping they will squelch Ray Rice and Joe Flacco who are mainstays of the Bo and the Boz lineup.


Bermeck's KY Hicks guaranteed that Bo and the Boz would not repeat as Viagra award winners by grabbing the League TWO nomination. The Hicks 123-93 pounding of hammertime was the Hicks; third victory in a row, pulling the team withing reach of the top. TE Owen Daniels (21) and WR Vincent Jackson (20) carried the Hicks to victory.


dirty hands returned to their winning ways behind clean barofsoap.jpg play from Peyton Manning (22) and Indy's DEF (20), winning over Justin Hermouf 101-59. Hermouf's starting lineup looked as thought they went through the motions, scoring a fraction of the predicted point totals. An upheaval in the coaching staff is likely if this trend continues. The players are under the gun also, though unlike the Browns, the Hermouf QB (Tony Romo) looks like the only person on the team whose performance renders him "safe."


The Flying Turkeys took wing, overflying Lambdo's Air Show 95-70.


The Hammer finally won one, defeating Beanpot, 103-69. Steve Slaton (19) DeAngelo Williams (19) and Philly's DEF (21) beat up on Beanpot, who had no comment on his team's Browns-like performance.


Oreo's team got lucky this week when choochoo's defense (Chicago; -4) was (unbelievably) worse than Oreo's D (Cleveland; -1). This, along with Hines Ward's single point, helped push Oreo into the win column by a shisker. "Meow," was Oreo's only comment as she nonchalantly licked a paw.


Flugel's League 3 - Week 7

Where we begin to seperate the Does from the Bucks, the Do's from the Don'ts and the Contenders from the Pretenders.


Waiting for Noodles 108 Flugelmaniacs 69

It became evident very early that Waiting for Noodles wasn't waiting for Flugel's Maniacs. They even looked fast in the slow motion replays as Mr Rodgers rapid fired 23 points. Meanwhile Vincent Jackson modeled the back of his cleats for all defenders to see on his way to 20 points while DeAngelo "Go-slow" Williams contributed 19 points. Waiting for Noodles improved their record to 4-2-1 while the Maniacs have anchored the league with 1-6.


Charlie's Angels 119 Calfox KosarDawgs 111

This was the Charles Darwin Game of the week where the "Survival of the Fittest" was awarded the W and the Viagra. The game plan from Hell's Angels was well executed as Chad Ochocinco, Miles Austin and the Chargers D punished the Dawgs with a combined 80 points. Just as the Dawgs started to contest their punishment, Tom Brady's 20 points basically provided the "Because I said so!" In any event, Ricky Williams contered with 25 points while Peyton Manning added 22 and the Eagles D chipped in 21 for the Dawgs as they fell to 3-4 while the Angel's improved to 3-4.


Project Showtime 104 Victory Formation 82

Project Showtime improved to a league best 6-1 with another impressive offensive performance. The Showtime came from 24 points by Philip Rivers, 23 points from Wes Welker and Steve Slaton added another 19. The team formerly known as the Koa Krew picked a bad week to change their name to Victory Formation. Cedric Benson and Thomas Jones contributed 18 and 15 points respectively as the Victory Formation fell to 3-3-1.


Team DangeRuss 85 RunnUuOVer 81

DangeRuss figured the best way to tie RunnUuOVer in the standings was to beat them. Now both teams are sitting right in the thick of things with identical 3-4 records. DangeRuss got 26 points from Tony Romo, 19 points from the Patriots D and 15 more from Roddy White. Owen Daniels contested with 21 points and Ryan Grant added 16 more for Runn UuOVer.


Dot the I 64 Rice's Ryders 58

This was the Charity Game where somebody that couldn't score got a W and nobody complained about it. Dot the I improved to 4-2-1 largely behind the 20 point effort of the Colts D and Matt Schaub's 17 while Rice's Ryders had to rely on the Bills' Defense to lead them with 14 points and John Carney added 11 more. The Ryders fell to 3-4 which keeps them in the hunt for playoffs. Stay tuned...


Believeland 103 Kibbles and Vicks 77

Believeland improved to 5-1-1 and just a half a game out of first place behind Carson Palmer's 34, Reggie Wayne's 18 and Adrian Peterson's 18. Kibbles and Vicks got 21 points from the Steeler D, 16 points from Lee Evans and Drew Brees provided 15 more as they fell to 2-5.


Fabulous 5 Power Rankings

1. Project Showtime 6-1-0 709 pts

2. Believeland 5-1-1 631 pts

3. Waiting for Noodles 4-2-1 581 pts

4. Dot the I 4-2-1 481 pts

5. Victory Formation 3-3-1 626 pts


The Heidi Report

My Helmet's 2Tight 93

WPBDawgFan 87


Ballantyne Behemoths 78



Doctors of Gridiron 75

FBrulz 93


Brownies 96

WV Hoopies 83


LCDawgfan13 46

Brown'sFanInDallas 20


Timugen's Tool 105

One Man Wolf Pac 47


My Helmet's 2Tight: (4-3--0) DeAngelo Williams 19, Drew Brees 15

WPBDawgFan: (3-4--0) Chad Ochocinco 29, Steve Slaton 19


Going into Monday night, Helmet thought another loss was written on the wall even though they had the popular vote in the league. But their DEF. Philadelphia came through to bring victory. WPBDawgFan's WR Ochocinco gave a very good preformance giving him a respectable 29 points and has back-to-back 100-yard receiving games for the first time since September of 2007.


Ballantyne Behemoths: (5-2-0-) Tom Brady & Vincent Jackson both w/20

BOHICA: (4-3-0) Payton Manning 22, Cedric Benson 18


Even though Behemoth's QB Tom Brady threw three more TDs against the Bucs, giving in nine in two weeks of blowout play, it wasn't enough to help them snag another win this week. Meanwhile, BOHICA'S QB Peyton Manning showed he was no slouch either by registering his fifth straight game this season with a passer ratting over 100 when he had a 116.7 mark against the Rams on Sunday.


Doctors of Gridiron: (4-3-0) Donald Driver 13, Jeremy Shockey 11

FBrulz: (6-1-0) Ricky Williams 25, Thomas Jones 15


FB showed he rulz again this week with another win this week. Helping in the win was RB Ricky Williams scored three rushing touchdowns for just the second time in his career. As for Doctor's team, it wasn't the best fantasy day for the QB who came into the day leading the NFL in passing and while it pains us to give credit to any Steeler, QB Ben Roethlisberger has not missed a snap through seven games.


Brownies: (3-4-0) Carson Palmer 34, Wes Walker 23

WV Hoopies: (2-5-0) Owen Daniels 21, Hakeem Nicks 15


Brownies got win #3 this week with big help from QB Carson Palmer who threw five touchdown passes in last Sunday's game. Brownies seem to be getting their act together after 4 straight losses. For the Hoopies, TE Owen Daniels is off to his best start. He leads the team with 39 catches. He has 497 yards and five touchdowns.


LCDawgfan13: (5-2-0) Sidney Rice 19, Adrian Peterson 18

Brown'sFanInDallas: (2-5-0) Nick Folk 14, Terrell Owens 4


In the lowest scoring game this week, LCDawg came out on top with 46 pts. While try as he may, Brown'sFan had some pretty bad luck this week and the coach decided to call plays seemingly from the bench. LCD's WR Rice impressed again this week with his first 100 yard receiving game in week 6 and this week, grabbed 11 footballs for 136 yds.


Timugen's Tool: (4-3-0) Aaron Rodgers 23, DeSean Jackson 22

One Man Wolf Pac: (0-7-0) Phillip Rivers 24, Jay Feely 8


In this week's Toyota's Biggest Fantasy Blowout with a +58 pts., it was Timugen's Tool that smoked Wolf Pac.

In Wolf Pac's defense, the coach had this to say, "We're moving some guys, TE Cooley is history and we are re-tooling. Don't count us out just yet." QB Philip Rivers carried this teams points load and threw for three touchdowns and no interceptions Sunday and he did so without absorbing a sack.




1. FBrulz 6-1-0 .857 638 W-1

2. Ballantyne Behemoths 5-2-0 .714 655 L-1

3. LCDawgfan13 5-2-0 .714 559 W-4

4. My Helmet's 2Tight 4-3-0 .571 619 W-1

5. Doctors of Gridiron 4-3-0 .571 614 L-1

6. Timugen's Tool 4-3-0 .571 586 W-1

7. BOHICA 4-3-0 .571 548 W-3

8. WPBDawgFan 3-4-0 .429 570 L-1

9. Brownies 3-4-0 .429 518 W-3

10. WV Hoopies 2-5-0 .286 498 L-2

11. Brown'sFanInDallas 2-5-0 .286 399 L-3

12. One Man Wolf Pac 0-7-0 .000 470 L-7



Cheer up, Browns fans, there's nowhere to go but up!

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I fumbled again :( was a bit late but recovered and got it sent into you. Was hoping to make it before you posted but League 4's report is now in your hands.


Great job this week both Kathy and Tom!





Thanks, Heidi! Great Job!

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I think my coaching is suspect - I think I have set a record for losing games with Peyton Manning as the qb.


crap. LOL


Always love these write-ups !

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Derek and the Zombonos finally won one, making a feeble attempt at craling out of the cellar, by taking a bite out of T's Jelly Donuts.krispykreme.jpg The Donuts, also infected with B1BW1, made no attempt to find a sub for K, Matt Prater, who spent his week off, wel, who knows. Perhaps he spent it pondering his birthplace, Mansfield, OH and feeling grateful not to be one of the Cleveland Browns. Zombonos 70; Donuts 44.



I used to live there, my brother tells me its a ghost town. Well not playing a kicker was a gamble but I didn't want to get rid of anyone on my roster. I still lost by 26

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