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why did I buy tickets for this


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The same reason I just booked a flight from California to Cleveland on December 5th to watch the Browns play on the 6th and quite possibly sit in the snow to watch this pathetic team.


I'm just delusional enough to think that we might actually win that day. I think it will be about the 12th trap game of the season....

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Because you want to be there to watch the Browns ever so slowly grow, and become


a kick butt playoff team. The ride to glory - remember the struggle along the way to greatness,


we will always appreciate the struggle to get there.


Besides, rooting for the squeelers bandwagon style is passe',


and climbing onto the Bengals bandwagon is risky.


And the dirty stinkin stupid ugly ratibirds don't even have a band wagon.


the Schmodells stinkie clan sold it forever for a bottle of cheap wine.

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