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Do we need a star WR or TE ?


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We let go of KW and BE, two first round draft choices. One guy had sure shot hands , the other commanded double teams even though he dropped passes. Now we have dead wood and draft picks who may/may not pan out. If u guys think that playing 4,5 rookies in a new system is chocking the offense wait till we draft 11 players next season ! heck i dont want next season to go to waste too - unless they pay us to watch that is.


Sure KW had a rusty knee, but sure can last more than 2 years for great service. BE may be a prima donna but compared to TO he is a gem. Wasnt Denver's star receiver also creating trouble for McDaniels ? look at him now - giving his heart for the team. No KW ! No BE ! but 3 QB's !


The only thing that can save us now is FA's with safe hands and good health. Had we gotten houshmendzada (bad spelling alert) atleast we would have had one safe pair of hands to throw to. Bottomline - If Mangini is just going to rely on the 11 draft picks next year - we can flush next year in the drain too and if ... IF some of the draft picks turn out to be great finds we can become a competitive 5 - 11 team ! excited ?

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