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Good Monday Morning Everyone


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What a great weekend is approaching. We get two full days off this week, with no kick in the groin on Sunday.


I've never been so happy to be without my Brownies playing as I am this week.


I think I might insulate some windows this weekend.


Prepare the garage for winter, winterize the lawn mower and tighten up bolts on the snow blower and get'er tuned-up. I try to get anything off the garage floor that may get wet from melting snow and ice.


Finish off raking them leaves off the lawn.


I may even do something with the kids on Sunday. Dave-n-Busters?


Man, so much to do and only ONE Bye-week.


AHhhhhh ... today feels great, the first day of Bye-Week!


Enjoy folks!


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Great. I get about 4 hours to do extra jobs around the house and on the farm !


Still have dried beans to pick in the garden...



Install new compost bin over big rock in the ground I never dug up.


Go pick up 14' W x 7' H x 24' L old greenhouse frame my brother-in-law gave us..


.... and install it...


get the old sandblater running and start sandblasting some equipment...


build workshop/office in barn...


finish hay loft floor with 4x8 - 3/4 sheets of OSB board...


Maybe the Browns can go on bye week for two weeks in a row to give Bernie time to get us a new OC.






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