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Brett Favre in aftermath of win vs. Packers: 'It's worth it'

Mr. T

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Hours after his four-TD performance in a charged up, 38-26 win at Lambeau Field, Vikings QB Brett Favre began to ache and reflected on his first trip back to Green Bay, where he starred for 16 years.


"Yeah, it's worth it,'' Favre told SI.com's Peter King from Minnesota on Sunday. "Now people can see why I came back, and why I came back to this team. But I will say I'm relieved it's over.''


After the game, Favre refused to criticize the Packers, from whom he had a nasty divorce in 2008. His Vikings moved to 7-1, leaving the 4-3 Packers in their wake in the NFC North.


Favre revealed he had a groin injury that flared up before the game at Lambeau and for a few moments made him think he might not be able to play.


"I told T-Jack (backup QB Tarvaris Jackson) and (O-coordinator) Darrell Bevell I may not be able to do it,'' Favre told SI.com. "I didn't know if I'd be able to drop back very well. After I aggravated it, there was no way I was going to be able to move around in the pocket very much. We never called one bootleg the whole game. But we made it through OK.''


And an emotional Favre also considered if he played in front of the Packers fans for the final time.


"I knew it'd probably be the last time I'd ever step foot on Lambeau Field, and it got a little emotional,'' he told Si.com.


So, does that mean Favre won't plan on returning in 2010?


"Nope. "I'm reluctant to say that,'' he told SI.com. "You know me. At this stage, I'm game to game. That's it.'' -- Sean Leah



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Brett is a great NFL Quarterback. I remember many, many on here saying he sucked, he is over the hill, and just pissing on him. Well, guess what. The guy still has it. Good going Brett.



Yeah and his piss is golden :lol:just ask the packer fans.

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