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Kokinis Escorted From Office

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I am not one of the ones that wants to see Mangini go only because I believe that this roster was bad before he got here and 1 year isn't going to fix everything. But if Mangini is soon to go seeing as how Kokinis is apparently gone, do you think Dungy would be willing to come coach? He has turned bad teams around in the past ala Colts and the Bucs, do you think he could do the same for us if we were able to lure him here?

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typical knee jerk reaction from lerner.


What message does that send the players if the owner isn't showing confidence in the coaches and FO.



Here's where it gets scary. EVERY time the Lerner family goes to fire someone - they have to hire someone for a business they know nothing about. There's more to it than being willing to open your wallet UNLESS you activate an ELITE guy's YES button. Haven't seen it yet.


Kokinnos doubled our 2009 draft and tripled our 2010 draft, which means he was doing some pretty good Savage-induced damage control.


Maybe Ernie Accorsi won't be advising Randy anymore.


- Tom F.

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BEREA, Ohio -- Browns General Manager George Kokinis was escorted out of the Browns facility in Berea by security, two league sources told the Plain Dealer.


The Browns were not immediately available for comment.


Kokinis was handpicked by Browns coach Eric Mangini to be his general manager, but was barely heard from after his hiring in January.


Browns owner Randy Lerner said after the 30-6 loss to the Bears on Sunday that he was looking for a "strong, serious, credible'' leader to guide and explain decisions.


Kokinis had 18 years' NFL experience, including 13 with the Ravens.


More details to come.

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CLEVELAND --WKYC's Jim Donovan reports that the Cleveland Browns have severed ties with General Manager George Kokinis.


Donovan broke the story on 'The Point After' on WKYC-TV3.


According to Donovan, Kokinis was ushered out of the Browns facility in Berea at around noontime Monday.


The move comes one day after the Browns lost to the Bears dropping their record to 1-7 overall.


Browns owner, Randy Lerner, told the media he was reportedly "sick" over the state of his NFL team following the loss.


The Browns cleaned house during the off season. The team hired Kokinis and Head Coach Eric Mangini after last season's disappointing 4-12 season.


Keep it with WKYC-TV3 and wkyc.com for the latest on the Browns.


The Point After airs each Monday at 7 p.m. on WKYC-TV and wkyc.com.



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Theory: A significant reason Kokinis was fired was because of the way the Browns handled the QB situation. In particular starting the worst QB in the NFL these past 4 games made no sense and Lerner never got a good explanation and finally snapped.




Lerner said continuing to play BA didn't make any sense: "When asked about the Derek Anderson-Brady Quinn situation, Lerner said it "doesn't look sensible." "


Lerner also said that he was looking for a credible leader to help explain decisions: "Browns owner Randy Lerner said after the 30-6 loss to the Bears on Sunday that he was looking for a "strong, serious, credible'' leader to guide and explain decisions."


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Why Kokinis? Why now?


I figured Kokinis would be instrumental in preparing us for the Draft.



Mangini is supposedly telling him what to do instead of the other way around. It's no surprise that Mangini would throw this guy under the bus. As I said, Mangini is making alot of strange decisions and the guy is letting his ego get in the way. Mangini should be fired right along with him. There is no way that either of your QBs could even do a worse job of coaching this team right now let alone if your owner actually started to really decide to get serious and pick up someone with a proven track record to lead your team.


I know... Fuk off FOS, you don't know shit about football.

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Fuk off FOS you dont know shit about football!!!111!one


I don't know how to react yet. So I hope that comment will suffice.



Once again I will point to this thread where I not only called out Mangini as worse than Romeo but also the fact that the GM was nowhere to be found.


This GM and coach seem very out of touch. Don't be surprised if they are both fired by seasons end.


Mangini VS Romeo

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Of 30 orgs in the league, we have to be fans of this one... at least it's not the Raiders...


I'm trying to understand the logic of firing the GM. Even if he made all the trades, it's too early to know if the draft picks and trades are going to pan out.


Kokinis wasn't prepping the players and putting them on the field.


I love Bernie, but please say he will not be made the GM of this team. We are going to be an even greater league laughing-stock if that happens. By all means, hire a real VP Operations and bring in Kosar to learn under him and perhaps one day take over for him... but you don't put a greenhorn in the GM role.


If Lerner doesn't like what he sees, the correct move is to fire the GM AND THE COACH, and hire a VP Operations and let that guy select a new GM and coach... Which is what he should've done in the first place!

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Don't hire a greenhorn? Kokinis has many, many years of being an NFL guy.


I'd rather, just once, have a GM that KNOWS FOOTBALL.


My guess is, Kokinis was alienating other front office staff, and some coaches.


Learner found out about it, and got Kok's butt out of town.


Maybe it was Kokinis who was pressuring to save the 11 million via the back door, keeping Quinn on the bench.


That's about the only explanation I can come up with.

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It's obvious that Bernie knows football, but you don't just bring in a guy and stick him in the all-important GM role. That would be an Al Davis-type move.


I'm not a fan of Kokinis - given how invisible he's been, how could one be? -- but it's just weird that you have a situation with a wannabe svengali as coach who apparently has all the power, and an invisible GM, and the GM gets the axe. The only thing I can think of is that Lerner had enough of Kokinis' invisibility and has decided to bring in a VP Ops and a new GM after the year, then let that person make a decision on Mangini, or like you said... Kokinis did something behind the scenes to merit the firing.


When is the last time a GM was fired in the middle of a season? I'm sure it's happened, but it seems a bit unusual...

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