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Flashback 10 Months Ago


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Some funny stuff here... and by funny I mean sad... though who ever could have imagined that pairing a former Patriot Defensive Coordinator and a Personnel expert from Baltimore could have gone wrong.


Baltimore pro personnel director George Kokinis has been hired as Cleveland's general manager, reuniting him with new Browns coach and close friend Eric Mangini.


Kokinis, who began his NFL career as an intern in the Browns' operations department in 1991, was hand-picked by Mangini, who recommended him during his first interview with Browns owner Randy Lerner on Dec. 30.


I'd have a tough time believing that Mangini was on board with this move, as throwing his former Apartment mate under the bus to save himself doesn;t make Mangini look all that good.


Let's just make sure that the next GM they bring in hasn't shared an apartment with Mangini either.

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