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Cal Issue 2

Westside Steve

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Well, Mr. Steve,


I had great reservations about this one. But in reserching it, I found out:


That there are giant corp farm conglomerates who would like to put the small


farms out of business, because small farms are increasing every year, I believe,


about 20% increase. There are moves to have national regs that would generally


be overwhelming to small farming, be counterproductive to the idea that


produce and livestock production must be safe for consumers.


But their radiated/genetically modified/overspraying of bad chemicals won't be affected...


and they can afford lawyers and expensive equipment and buildings and inspections etc........


There is a great, huge movement toward Americans wanting to buy their food locally.


The giant corp farms - you can't grow something for 600 acres, and rely on


human monitoring of the crop. They just spray the ^%^&%$ out of it about every week or two.


This is bad. They also grow the varieties that are genetically engineered to increase production,


and consistently look good for market, and has the ability to look good after a week of setting in a warehouse,


and a week traveling cross country, etc.


Whatever. The drive to buy local is growing dynamically, us farmers market folks hear it all the time, literally.


We had repeat customers, some coming from one city to another, just to buy our tomatoes and stuff.


SO, this move, Issue Two, is designed to allay that nonsense, and have an appointed board of OHIO farmers,


and org reps, and an Ohio Ag gov rep, and two local small farmers, all OHIO, to monitor treatment of livestock,


etc, and the national org doesn't have the legal right to overrule it.


I know our great friends, the farmer who sold us our farm, who has been farming for most of his life, are solid behind


this issue passing.


I asked our Farm Credit rep, where we got our load to buy our land and build our barn... about it. He said it was


a great thing - to protect us from the above big corp movement, and it was legitimately for Ohio small farmers.


We don't have those giant corps here. That's why the issue needs to pass.


And, there are special interest groups, who think chickens should have lawyers etc, who also are probably funded by those pols


who would like to buoy their investments in the huge corp farms ... whatever.


I hope all Ohioans will vote FOR ISSUE 2.


And personally, against issue 3, the gambling casino thing.


We have friends who go once a year or so to casinos. They have said that they are fun, the shows are good,


and sometimes they win some money and quit before they lose it again..


But they would never want to live anywhere near a casino. Except for Las Vegas, the cities are dives,


with far more human tragedy stories than you ever will hear about, about compulsive gamblers losing their families,


going broke, crime,


not to mention that the jobs will just go to those who have training in previous casinos from out of state.


Vote YES on ISSUE 2,


NO on Issue 3.




(btw, you are welcome to come out - give me a call - even after a big snowstorn, it's beautiful out there in the woods)

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