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Saw 6 Review

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R 120 min



OK, gang, everything gets old.

The SAW series of horror flicks is a matter of taste. I like them..

They are, however, without a doubt a gruesome lot and that in itself turns off some viewers. Some write them off as mere slasher movies but that’s never been the case. Once you get past the gore each one is suspenseful and each has some kind of twist to keep the interest level above that generated by Jason, Freddie and their ilk.

This time around, the saga of the Jigsaw serial murders begins to show signs of wear. The steel torture devices are a bit rusty and the wheels don’t turn as smoothly anymore.

Oh there’s still a hook (pardon the pun) that keeps the movie slightly to the north of average but the blood’s been spread a bit thin.

If you follow the series you know that Jigsaw places morally flawed people in terrible situations that force them to choose between self-mutilation and death. Most wind up with both.

Here the “bad guys” are insurance executives who have found ingenious ways to deny coverage for sick people. If you think about it for a minute the worst they’ve done is cheat these folks out of some money as there’s no reason they would be denied life saving (though expensive) treatment. I can think of a lot more deserving scumbags, say judges who let child rapists out of prison, but I digress.

At any rate the insurance bastards are in for a nightmare and it’s just as shocking as ever. Still we’ve seen it before despite the nuances that appear in every installment. There’s still a surprise at the end that warrants at least a slight nod of the head.

Sadly, this time the horror was overshadowed a bit by the political preaching, a technique better served by it’s own dark lord, Michael Moore.




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