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EM lambasted


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Yea, I ain't buying this sour grapes from Mike Lombardi. This is like the kettle calling the pot black. Lombardi did about as bad a job at running this team as anyone in its history. Lombardi was the model of incompetence for Dwight Clark, Butch Davis, Savage, Kokinis.

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Wow! Very informative. LOVE listening to anything Mike Lombardi says. He's very well respected and has access to ALOT of franchises because of this widespread respect. Hence, his position with the NFL network.


I'm kind of stunned to read what I just read. If we didn't want to hire the next Butch Davis - guess what? That said, I LIKE how we're doubling one draft and tripling the next. I just haven't seen ANY good Head Coachs pull off the GM & Head Coach gig. Even Mike Holmgren found it to be too much. The 1st year he went back to JUST coaching - Seattle made the Superbowl. Folks, this is 100% on Lerner for not knowing this. He seemed to be as clueless of this as he was of the QB situation he mentioned he knew zero about the other day. That doesn't strike me as a very good owner if I'm being honest. LERNER is the problem. We keep depending upon him to hire the RIGHT person and the second the shit hits the fan EVERYONE wants him to fire his last bad choice without ANY guarantees the next choice won't be worse.


Believe it or not, I think Mangini STILL can become a good Head Coach here if Lerner sits him down and tells him to quit the New England bullshit. More specifically, tell him the only Bill Belichick imitations he wants to see from here on out is WINNING on Sunday. This zipped lip nonsense about injuries and WHO is gonna start at QB is taking place for a team in transition NOT to be confused with a team that is competing for homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. There's an enormous difference. If we fire Mangini, I think promoting Rob Ryan to Head Coach might change some minds about WANTING to stay in Cleveland; because you just know alot of guys are counting down to getting out of this franchise. Why shouldn't they at this point? THIS is why Lerner HAS to be better and step up. I don't mind occasional mistakes if/when the person learns from them.


- Tom F.

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I can think of a better nickname for eric mangini other than “The Secret” how about "The Invisible Coach" To date I have not seen him actually do any sort of coaching at all, he is a nag one to be hated by men. And the proof is showing up on the field.

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I'll admit that I was dumb enough to think that Mangini was a pretty good hire at first. But I got soured on him pretty quickly with all of his Napoleon Complex antics (with the excuses in parentheses):


--Painting over the mural of past greats (Hey, we want to look toward the future!)

--Not talking to the best defensive player he inherited (Hey Rogers, deal with it--your boss doesn't have to talk to you)

--Forcing rookies to go to some BS camp (It's "voluntary," so it's okay)

--Refusing to pick a QB (I like the idea of keeping the other team guessing--advantage Browns)


And hiring his babysitter to be director of operations and some baffling puppet GM.


I'll axe it this way, my friends: look at the hires since Palmer. Did the Browns do better in Davis's first year than they did in Palmer's last? Yep. Did RAC's team play better than they did in Davis's last season? Kind of, although that's not saying much. How about Mangini? Are they more disciplined? Are they more competitive? Are the Browns better off than they were four years ago?



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Jets fans were overjoyed. Everybody in NY - see Mike Francessa - knew that the Jets gave up even in a playoff run. They gave up on the Head Coach.


'Nuff said.


The Jets are 1-4 in their last five games under Rex. Perhaps they are giving up again?


Any player that would "give up" in a playoff run needs to find another profession and quick. The suggestion seems ridiculous to me.


'nuff said.

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First of all, badly is an adverb. Adverbs modify verbs. Such as "We played badly." He used it to DESCRIBE how he felt. Description words are called adjectives, like the word BAD, for example. This is 5th grade grammar!


just sayin.... if I was paid to write I would learn how to use the language we have all agreed upon.


now that's out of my system.



"George never had a chance to be successful — and maybe he wasn’t the most qualified person for the position -- but he never had a chance in Cleveland with “The Secret.” He was never able to gain the respect of the employees in the company because it’s difficult to lead people when there’s a refusal to communicate."


hmmm.....now what did Joe Thomas think about Kokinis ''.....he wasn't around too much, and when he was he was pretty quiet.''


how about Cribbs?


"When Cribbs was asked if he knew Kokinis, he said, ''Yeah,'' and laughed."


I guess that's Mangini's fault as well.


read it here: http://www.ohio.com/sports/68995447.html


Perhaps Lombardi should take note and provide evidence to support his inane commentary.






"He was not involved in the Braylon Edwards trade, for instance, because at that point the Kokinis era was already over. Since the beginning of the season, it has been the worst kept secret (kind of ironic, right?) that Kokinis was going to be gone. He wasn’t happy in Cleveland from the beginning, working for his good friend “The Secret,” and the Browns were not happy with his work. This hiring was flawed from the start."


Absolutely no evidence given for any of this, just empty statements.


This article is drivel. All statement, no substance.






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