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Observation From Last Night MNF Game


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I watched a pretty darn good football game last night. Sure the defense wasn't the spotlight by either team, but I will say that the offensive plan built by both teams was just a lot of fun to watch. And that's my point. When I watch successful teams play, there offensive plan and schemes are just a lot of fun to watch, they mix it up the game plan. When I watch the Browns. I see an offense with no vision, no plan, no scheming, nothing. Once in a while there is a surprise, and that is really about it.


Mangini and Daboll have got to be witnesses to the glaring differences in our offense compared to other teams.


I realize that we are not the Saints, Denver, Colts, Pats, etc., but It appears that we are not using the decent talent we have to the fullest potential. We have a 2 great running backs, but how many times did we see Harrison on Sunday? I think our talent pool of WR's is decent, but are we really running plays to open these guys up. And my god, do we have TE at all... How many times was Tony Gonzalez used last night and made some great plays for the Falcons.


I just sit back and shake my head and go, why can't we do this. What is so wrong with what we have. I look at Drew Brees and see that type of potential in Anderson or Quinn. I see so much in our players so what is lacking. At the NFL level it can't be athletic talent so much, or physical ability, it has to be mental, and if the mental part of the game is not there, then who's responsibility is it to give the players the "game smarts" to play. That has to be coaching. Sure our players are not executing, but the play calling and scheme of our offense is, IMO, pathetic, not much to really execute IMO.

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