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Barton could be out for rest of the season


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Sucks to lose another LB ...


However, from what I got from that article is if he goes on IR, and Billy whats-his-face (the FG Kicker), is released now that Dawson is back ... and they also released defensive back Anthony Madison, that leaves us with three roster spots open.


How about going and picking that Hass kid who was DA's main receiver at Oregon State, off of the SeaHags practce squad?


Also ... How old is Barry Sanders now?

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^Wow if this is true, then the middle of our defense is going to be extremely vulnerable. Guess we will get to see lots of Maiava and Veikune


Heck, its time for baptism by fire for Maiva and Veikune. I like the Trusnik kid so far. He's been a pleasant surprise in the Edwards trade. Didn't take him long at all to leap frog Alex Hall. I like that kid from Jacksonville state Marcus Bernard that is stashed on the practice Squad. Both he and Titus Brown seemed to have the right size and speed for this defense. But they are both OLBs.

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