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Mort as clueless as the rest of us


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This is from Chris Mortensen's live chat on espn just a few moments ago:


Robert (Monrovia, Ca)


Any idea who the new Browns GM will be?



Chris Mortensen (11:48 AM)


What I have reported is that the Browns may be looking for a Parcells-type - who knows? Maybe Parcells leaves the Dolphins after this year to work with Mangini, whom he likes? (Wow, let's start that rumor...just kidding). I have heard that Marty Schottenheimer's name has been internally discussed for that type of senior VP/FB operations role but I don't know if Marty would embrace that.

He threw out two very unlikely names and said a a whole lot of nothing. No one knows where Lerner is going with this and if Mangini is going to be a part of it.


And we are still neck and neck with Oakland in the "biggest mess" poll.



--Too bad, maybe the two best fans bases in the NFL treated to these "messes"

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