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Does schedule strength count?


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Before the season, a lot of people were picking the Browns to win few games. Peter King predicted two wins. People on this board were optimistic (myself included) but let's take a look back on the first half, shall we?...


Minnesota (L)

@Denver (L)

@ Baltimore (L)

Cincy (L in OT)

@Buffalo (W)

@ Pitt (L)

Green Bay (L)

@Chicago (L)


Why are people surprised that this team has one win? The NFC North teams that we've played are better than us. The Denver game was in Denver and they're having a better season than anyone could've expected. I would argue that their talent is better at some key positions (RB, QB, WR, CB). No one really figured we'd beat Baltimore or Pittsburgh. Sure, lightning in a bottle....I get it but they're still the class of our division.


With that said, looking ahead this season, we get...











I see three or four winnable games here (Det, KC, Oak, Jax). Let's say we put it together in the best case scenario and sneak up on Cincy or SD and that's a 6-10 record. I'm not predicting it. I'm just saying that this wouldn't be any worse and would arguably be better than what most people expected.


I could be wrong but I'd rather be realistic. Getting hot and bothered about getting handled by Minnesota and Green Bay isn't really productive. They do that to better teams than the Browns. Let's hope that this Browns team can pull it together as the 2nd half looks a bit easier than the first.

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You play the schedule given to you. I hate when people say that a team "took advantage of it's schedule," or "struggled because of a tough schedule."


It's the NFL, it's going to be tough... not exactly breaking news.


One of the Browns' main problems, schedule-wise, is the inability to win divisional games. So far, we're 0-3, but actually were competitive vs. Cincy (probably should have had a tie, but refs saw otherwise on the FG in OT), and for a half vs. Pitt. You lose your divisional matchups, you're headed to the cellar.


I'm not expecting any miracles after the BYE, but let's at least resemble a pro football team.





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We've had the strongest schedule of any AFC team so far, our opponents have a winning percentage of .655.


That's pretty insane.


Not trying to make excuses, the Browns are terrible this year, but we'll probably pick up a few wins against the easier teams near the end of the year.

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