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Cavaliers rolling


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6-2 now and have won 5 straight if I'm not mistaken. Everyone is healthy, and the team chemistry couldn't be any more perfect. LeBron is even making over 80% of his free throws for the past four games. He shot a good percentage and dropped 41 again tonight, but most impressively his stifling defense of Richard Jefferson really helped a lot. He seems to play lock down defense a ton these days and never gets an ounce of credit for it.


Andy is playing the best ball of his life. I read somewhere that he lost 40 pounds in the offseason. He's healthy, energetic, and happy. Delonte plays great defense and makes his shots. The only bad spot right now is Boobie missing some shots lately, but that will fix itself and their winning despite it anyway.


It's early, but this could be the year.

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