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From MRC - the truth about Pelosi's hc fiasco bill


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From the Desk of:

David Martin, Executive Vice President [/color]MEDIA RESEARCH CENTER




Do you trust House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to do what’s best for YOU on health care?


In the House of Representatives, Speaker Pelosi is fast tracking her 1,990-page government-run health care plan and hoping to bring it to the floor for a vote as soon as this week. Concerned citizens are desperate to understand how this monstrosity of an overhaul will impact them and their families.


But don’t look to the Leftist media for answers.


They have made little to no effort to explain key elements of the proposed government health care takeover.


Instead, they have focused their efforts on attacking anyone that dares to question the wisdom of this TRILLION dollar experiment that will result in higher premiums, higher taxes, massive Medicare cuts, and more government control over personal health care decisions.




Here are just a few of the things in Nancy Pelosi’s 1,990-page bill that the media are hiding from us:


$729.5 billion in new taxes on small businesses, individuals who cannot afford health coverage, and employers who cannot afford to provide coverage that meets Washington bureaucrats’ standards …


$1.1 trillion in new federal spending according to the Congressional Budget Office …


$150 million in cuts to the Medicare Advantage program …


111 additional offices, bureaus, commissions, programs, and bureaucracies ...


A study by the non-partisan Lewin Group indicating 114 million people could lose their current coverage and be forced into the government-run plan …





… and like all the previous bills, Pelosi’s bill still allows for federal funding of abortion!



But there is one place you can turn to for the truth—the whole disturbing truth.


Since the beginning of the health care debate, the Media Research Center has been an unwavering source of truth—uncovering, analyzing and delivering the details that simply aren’t being reported. Our ObamaCareTruth.org site provides the latest information that is being ignored by a Leftist media that are doing the bidding of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.


Now with a vote fast approaching, it’s vital that we demand the media step up and TELL THE TRUTH to the millions of citizens who are being deceived and who stand to be hurt the worst by this health care takeover.



++Demand the Media Tell the Truth About ObamaCare!


..... from petitions holding the media accountable to uncovering the truth about the plan that the media refuse to report, we are not going to allow our freedom to be trampled by a far-left government and their accomplices in the media!


Watchdogs like the MRC are the last line of defense against ObamaCare, and with a vote imminent, we’re relying on you to continue spreading the message to friends and family.


But time is running out!


Forward this message to 30-40 friends encouraging them to take immediate action with you by clicking here to sign our petition, demanding the media tell the truth about government-run health care.


Please help us reach out to Americans who are being deceived by Obama, Congress and most especially the media whose job it is to report the truth!


Thank you for standing with the MRC.














David Martin



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