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Modern Army Seeks Medieval Muslims

Herman M

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Major Malik Nadal Hasan, who opened fire on American troops at Fort Hood, was an Army psychiatrist who decried the U.S. invasion of Muslim lands, condemned the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and voiced his support of the global jihad.


But he was never taken to task for his views by his commanding officers and never reprimanded for his anti-American tirades.


Hasan was a devout Muslim who was born in Virginia to Palestinian parents who immigrated from Jordan.


He despised Christians and Jews and the principles of American democracy.


Why was a radical jihadist serving in the U.S. Army?


Why was he granted rank and privilege until he drew his weapons and proceeded to mow down 43 soldiers, killing 12 and wounding 31, on a “secure” military post.



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well, it goes back to Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs.


If I recall correctly, food and water were the top two.


Security, belonging to a group, was second, in terms of the


aspects of life you must have as a human being, generally.


Belonging to a group gives most any of us some sense of security.


Some, belong to hateful groups...gangs, cults, etc.


The elitist extreme hateful groups offer a sense of very global power,


a hate-filled reason to feel like you are important. Some lost souls fall into that.


You can see it in the Manson followers, etc.


al-quaida, taliban, extremist "Muslim" - is part of that. And for those whose group


affiliation is their only pedastal to put their existence on, those are not just true "believers",


but in those hateful groups, very dangerous ones.


It's very sad. And these certain members of those groups are very dangerous, because


they must project the anger and violence onto others as a consequence of their hateful arrogance


and a desperate conclusion to their "exalted" purpose.


Well, that's what I think.

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