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How are the members doing in this depressed economy?


How are the BB members doing in this depressed economy?  

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  1. 1. are you employed or under employed?

    • I have a secure job and mostly doing just fine.
    • I am worried that my job will be gone soon and don't know what I will do.
    • I have lost my job and getting real worried.
    • I have not worked in a while and will be loosing it all soon.

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Real Unemployment Tops 22%

Unemployment at 22.1 percent, if accurate, would be at numbers not seen since peak unemployment during the 1973 to 1975 recession.




are we back to the jimmy carter era?


So far, so good for my wife and me. Working in Financial Services, my ice is pretty darn thin but - up to now - the grim reaper has passed all around and missed our small area.


I am way underwater on a condo in Fort Myers but, fortunately, have been able to get SOME rent even though the flow has been negative. I'd love to get out from under it but am unwilling (and unable) to eat $40 - $50K.


I've been let go for a combination of off-shoring / reorgs 3 times since 1999 so I know how lucky we have been.


My wife teaches - generally a 'safe' place to be, especially with tenure - but they cut 24 positions and about 8 bodies last year (attrition helped save some bodies).


POed as heck that NOT ONE government program has benefited me one iota. Au contraire, working folks like us seem to be the beasts of burden for the forseeable future.


Not a happy camper but thankful for the health of our nuclear family.



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Actually I'm a little worried as the owners at my place want out, so who knows what will happen.

Also though I'd not bet against the USA to recover I do think the current administration risks setting that recovery back some years. We'll see.

I've been surprisingly responsible for an entertainer so I have savings and investments.



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YTD, I have lost 30k in salary.


I am not a happy camper, but this seems to be status quo whenever we have a liberal as prez. And I am serious about that comment.


I have never made a profit under any democratic prez. Especially when they have all lefties in congress ass well.


At times I get mad as hell about this. No man should be hindered while trying to make a living for his family.

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Haven't worked in over a year, cept for farming... GGG


My Wifie teaches, with tenure, and always made more $$$ than I did, anyways...


we are very, very happy, our friends are happy, extended families doing fine...


but most of us are worried about the economy...


the balloons that are keeping this economy from sinking are going to deflate


when the continued air going into them stops.


And the economy could plunge straight down.


Just instinct, mostly, and some fears by experts.


We're putting up the frame of a 14' x 32' hoop greenhouse to expand.


Neighbors would like us to grow their plants for gardens this spring...


new hayfield (timothy grass/alfalpha sp?) growing nicely...


but we know folks who are putting in wood stoves, large and small,


in case they can't pay their electric bills because of capntax, or the


economy completely crashes.


Very happy, we'll all survive by hanging together... but very concerned...

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