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Don’t Fool Yourself

Mr. T

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Don’t Fool Yourself: America Is “Now A Communist Nation”


Watching the government rack up debts that will be impossible to repay while narrowing the tax base (at least 50% of Americans pay zero federal income tax) at the same time is very scary.

Not only has the government gone mad with spending and corruption, but it also expects about 10% of the population to pay for essentially all the costs.


The math simply doesn't add up: 10% of the population can't (and won't) pay for all of the costs of a socialist federal government.


This has nothing to do with traditional party politics. Both parties have grown the size and responsibilities of government. Both parties have added to the national debt.

And both parties support the narrowing of the tax base – because that's what makes good political sense in an unlimited democracy... Promise the voters they can live at the expense of their neighbors and future generations.



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