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Mangini - J Lewis : Have they burried the hatchet ?


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BEREA, Ohio (AP)—Browns coach Eric Mangini has defended his practices one day after running back Jamal Lewis(notes) complained that Cleveland’s players are being worked too hard.


Lewis asserted that Mangini was wearing out his players during the week with 2 1/2 - to 3-hour workouts and they had nothing left by kickoff on Sunday. Cleveland’s first-year coach maintains his practices are not any longer or more physical than ones he’s conducted in the past.


“I feel good about the way we practice, the time we practice,” Mangini said Friday. “Two hours of work on the field is a very reasonable time.”


Mangini said that he and Lewis, one of six team captains, had a “good conversation” on Thursday and discussed their differences. Mangini did not provide any details of their meeting. He said he does not view Lewis’ comments as detrimental conduct.


Mangini stressed that his workouts are rarely longer than two hours—with a 30-minute walkthrough.


“That’s the facts, that’s the reality of it,” he said. “Two hours a day, two hours a day. Less on Friday.”


Lewis said he appreciated the chance to meet with Mangini, and as he has done in the past, said the media had twisted his comments.


“We got a chance to talk and exchange ideas and everything and get a view of what he’s trying to accomplish and what’s going on,” the 10-year veteran said following practice. “We talked and he told me why we do the things that we do and what he’s looking for and basically my job is to come out here and lead by example and help everybody out.”

As reporters crowded around Lewis, Cleveland’s players, one of them standing on a chair, broke into chants of “J-Lew, J-Lew.”


Lewis’ rant on Thursday came a few hours before Browns practice squad player, defensive end Keith Grennan(notes), sustained a serious knee injury during a post-practice “opportunity period.” Mangini confirmed Grennan’s injury but did not specify its nature or severity.


Grennan is the second Browns player injured during one of the post-practice drills, which are designed to give rookies and backups extra time with the coaching staff. Earlier this season, rookie running back James Davis suffered a season-ending shoulder injury during one such workout.


Mangini defended the additional practice sessions as a chance for players to get more repetitions. He cited linebacker Marcus Benard(notes), signed from the practice squad this week, as an “opportunity period” success story. Mangini said the voluntary sessions were also held when he coached under Bill Belichick in New England.


“I believe in this fundamentally,” Mangini said. “Over time, so many guys have benefited from it. I think it increases the possibility of success.”



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I knew they would end up on the same page if they talked to one another. It's only surprising that Lewis felt the need to talk to the media first rather than Mangini, and then to leak (if it's true) that the offense is focusing on the pass going into the game with Baltimore


A couple years ago Lewis went into the games against Baltimore with a chip on his shoulder, ready to run right at Ray Lewis. Now he seems to be pissed more at his current team while reminiscing about his former team [see the remarks to Mary Kay Cabot the other day]. C'mon Lewis, get it straight. The game is only a few days away now.

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I think Mangini may lose a golden opportunity to show the country on national television what a tyrant he is by benching Lewis in favor of Harrison this week. Since he doesn't have a hair on his balls (according to all media reports and PFT) he probably won't do it.


In all seriousness though I would like to see some of those great screen plays we saw in that one preseason game to Harrison early and often to try to keep the Ravens blitzing down for the game to set up some long passes later to at least show to the world BQ is capable of throwing the ball longer than 6 yards and who knows, he might just catch them out of position for a long gain. The screen would also open up the run game a little if they are forced to stop stacking 8 at the line of scrimmage.

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