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Cleveland Browns owner talking to Mike Holmgren?


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Cleveland Browns owner talking to Mike Holmgren?


By Mark J. Miller


“MikeAny way you slice it, the Cleveland Browns need some fixing up right about now and team owner Randy Lerner is apparently leaving no stone unturned to bring in a new head of football operations to help turn his team around.


He has supposedly been coveting former Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren for the gig and the new rumor has it that Lerner actually spoke with Holmgren yesterday about the job, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.


Jim Brown, who is an executive advisor to the club, kind of spilled the beans at a luncheon yesterday when he told the crowd that Lerner was interviewing somebody right then for the job: "At this moment, right now Randy Lerner is meeting with one of the great football minds in this country," he said. "And if things work out, that person will come in to run the football side of the Browns." When someone asked if it was Holmgren, Brown supposedly said, "You said it ... and I heard it."


Note to self: Don't tell Jim Brown secrets.



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