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We need much more on O than a QB


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I know, seldom visiting, captain obvious here


But post season, during free agency and the draft I can only see 2-5 people on O as not needing replaced


LT - Set

Center - Set

FB - Vickers - probably good to go

WR - Mo Mass - might develope as a one, or a 2

QB - let Quinn play it out and see. Not sold either way.

Steinbach - probably an age/size/cap casulty, or comes back in a reduced fashion

RG - Need

RT - Need

WR - Need at least one viable starter

TE: Heiden at the end of his career? Royals average on a good day

RB - Need someting there


Sure we have 11 draft picks of varying quality. And 6-10 slots on offense alone to fill.

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I think that when you start looking at individual positions there is very little that a coach could do. Yeah, trickery could get you a few extra points but at some point games comes down to fundamentals and ability.


I pretty much agree with your list. Steinbach could return next year depending upon the cap which could allow us to develop someone or postpone his replacement a year.


The first thing I would do is to try and fill all of those holes in free agency. You won't get them all but I would try to get as many as I could.


Please draft bpa. Going position by position in the draft keeps you from getting a lot of good players.


Until Robo proves different to me I expect him to be a #3 possession receiver in the NfL





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