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All We're Trying to Do is Win a Motherf**king Game


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I love fiery coaches but josh crossed the line by shouting "we own you" at the opposing teams players...it is a better circumstance then we have here in cleveland though all we get is..


Good afternoon, hows everyone doing? Im doing fine...today i want to fill your ears with vomit about how good the bengals are and their amazing coach marvin lewis who has a winning percentage of 900% its a percentage i will never achieve because i was given a bad and untalented team that cant adjust to our schemes strengths..now lets talk about carson palmer...he is a wonderful QB that does everything perfect..he makes the wind sing and the defenses tremble when he releases an always perfect pass to his almost perfect wide recievers...i think marvin has done a wonderful job of forcing his players to utilize his schemes and make them work...who would have thought a guy like carson could wail one down the field and hit a glorious WR like oucho so often..amazing stuff lewis has forced on these guys..



Hey coach how do you read into quinns performance last sunday?

Brady wasnt able to lay the ball in just perfect he was off a couple inches on 2 and about 12 inches on 3 passes despite the fact he was getting ample protection and almost 2 seconds to find his target..its a process..he is still learning to dink and dunk in dabolls system for minus yardage...as you could see last sunday he isnt ready to let one go downfield..


Hey coach whats your opinion on jennings drop that could have sealed the game for the browns?...brady failed to lay it in perfectly he was an inch off you cant expect chris to hold onto that!


Coach do you think we are getting any better as a team?

Its a process everyone is still learning to fit in a scheme that isnt suited for this group of untalented personnel...at meetings they constantly dare to suggest plays that they feel they are strong at to brainy daboll ,they suggest our schemes are over conservative and we cant win with run, run ,pass ,punt ...so to cool brainy dabald off and assure him his ideas are unchallenged.. i have to underhandedly deactivate/bench or silence the troublemakers by using various kindergarten excuses, poor reasoning or tell them someone else is playing instead due to a very impressive week of opportunity drills...its all part of the process and my door is always open even though dabolls mind is closed...


Could you tell us exactly what the process is?

I could tell you tony but browns fans are to stupid to comprehend it all, its an old ancient philosophy relating to rebuilding the browns over 10 years...its a process..

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Look at about minute 4:24. It's a coach the players want to play for and the fans want to root for. Look how much respect he gets from Brian Dawkins, 3 years his elder.


With all of that said, winning solves everything.



McDaniels surprised even most Patriots fans with his leadership skills, even though it looked like he was off to a shaky start with the whole Jay Cutler mess.


The Broncos were picked in pre-season to be as bad as the Browns. One thing he did was bring in coordinators and assistant coaches who knew more than him about their trades in many cases. Many head coaches - especially a young one - would be too insecure to surround themselves with people smarter than them... but that's a very mature move.

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