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This can be our new playmaker next year


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everybody can jump on my bandwagon now


Spiller is a monster


LOL! Keyword in that sentence is "my." I've had my eye on him too in the last 3 weeks.


Here's an arguement against the size thing


Living in Nashville - there's a RB with his size and his frame people called too small and too small school to take on an NFL workload. You might have heard of him - his name is Chris Johnson. Anyway, he is listed at 5-11 and only 200 pounds. Do you know how handy this kid is in close ball games? REAL handy! He's averaging almost 7 yards a carry which is a pretty piss poor way of prvong he's not big enough to be great.


Steve Slaton is 5-9 and 203 pounds. He had a pretty freakin good rookie season being too small to carry an NFL workload in 2008.


And did Warrick Dunn ever get his body weight up over 185 pounds? Let's get real for a second, he wasn't built nearly as compact as the 5-8 208 pound Barry Sanders but his career was longer and he was a viatl attack prong for many a playoff contender in Tampa and Atlanta. I've seen him in shorts and a tank top in the Bucs' weight room back in 1997 and 1998 and trust me when I tell you I wasn't thinking NFL football player until I saw him in uniform making NFL defenders look stupid and frustrated.


Marshall Faulk and James Brooks never weighed alot either so I don't buy all that nonsense about ability to handle an NFL workload. I'm so sick of looking at SLOW RBs in our offense that are too BIG to be any good. I've seen enough of Droughns and Lewis to be 100% certain they would never erase Byner and Mack from better memories. I even liked Leroy's Hoard better. Even though it was a different era, Greg Pruitt only weighed a Walter Paytonesque 190 pounds, which is fine if you can put 315 pounds over your head and outrun people to the end zone.


I don't see Spiller as a tiny framed Metcalf type. I see him built like a compact sprinter that can really accomplish good things on the football field. He's becoming my favorite.

- Tom F. (A few years ago Adrian Peterson had so many critics he slid all the way to #7 overall. Rumor had it, he was a candybones projected to show up to more NFL games in blue jeans. Guess how many teams are gagging on that right about now besides his NFC North opponents?)

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