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Trap Game Vs Chargers!


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Seeing as how Stan didn't post the trap game thread and predict the browns shocking win i figured I would start the thread. Where you at Stan? Ok so my topic discussion is what do you think we'll lose by and how many points do you think this shitty offense can put up? I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and saying they'll get 17 points, however it wont rival the 32 points the super chargers best us with.


Browns 17

Chargers 32


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were gonna be raped, straight up, their offense is high powered and they have an excellent running game, and a scary passing game, expect them to put up big points through the air and on the ground.


one issue they have though, is their broken offensive line. They have had a ton of injuries there this year, and are currently being held together by athletic tape and backups, so if we can bring a consistent heavy rush all while covering deep against the dangerous Phillip Rivers we should be able to disrupt their offensive consistency.


Lastly, they have a great run defense that is really going to rape us in that area, which is good due to the fact we don't have tippy toes back there we might actually able to get some kind of yardage against them. The way to defeat the chargers is the pass. We need to open them up early with a deep shot or two, then consistently hit the quick slants and short throws, that will wear them out, opening them up once again for bombs later.


All in all we will need to play perfect in this game to win it, no mistakes


Good luck and GO browns!!


(P.s. I blame stan for us loosing the last few games because of his trap game threads, every time he posts one we loose, so its about time he quits that)

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