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Hunger, family homelessness on rise in U.S. Cities


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Hunger, family homelessness on rise in U.S. cities


CHICAGO (Reuters) Hunger is spreading while the number of homeless families is increasing as a result of the recession and other factors, according to a report on Tuesday.


The U.S. Conference of Mayors said cities reported a 26 percent jump in demand for hunger assistance over the past year, the largest average increase since 1991.


Middle-class families as well as the uninsured, elderly, working poor and homeless increasingly looked for help with hunger, which was mainly fueled by unemployment, high housing costs and low wages.


The 2009 report is based on a survey of 27 cities, including Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia and San Francisco, that comprise the group's task force on hunger and homelessness.


Looking ahead to 2010, cities said they expect it will be difficult to meet increased demands for food due to the impact of state and local budget cuts, a decrease in grocery store donations and higher food costs.


Just over three-fourths of the cities reported a jump in homeless families due to the recession and lack of affordable housing. Individual homelessness, on the other hand, was level or down in 16 of the cities.


"This is an indication of the success of policies aimed at ending chronic homelessness among single adults with disabilities," the report said.


Only 10 cities reported having so-called tent cities or other concentrations of the homeless.


Most of the cities in the survey received additional funding to combat hunger and homelessness from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


"Cities are using (housing funds) to develop central intake systems for homeless services, coordinate services more closely with surrounding areas, or offer homeless prevention assistance for the first time," the report said.


(Reporting by Karen Pierog; Editing by James Dalgleish)

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It's going on a year now, and the results are going in the opposite direction - meaning, very bad.


Going the Obamao admin's direction is making our economy worse. And it's going to very possibly


get worse than most of us have ever seen, if they continue the march toward socialism as much as


they possibly can.


They want a new financial system. One that has never worked properly. Sure, libs can mention Sweden,


but Sweden is a small country, not the most prominent vanguard of democracy in the entire World, Sweden


doesn't support much of the worthless U.N. ... and still, they could not afford to bail out their auto mfg company.


And the bark is -really- starting to fall off the ugly Obamao tree.


And Obamao is starting to look very frustrated, very lost, and is starting to really fumble his sentences


at home and abroad.


All of the bitter criticism of imperfection by leftists leaves them with nothing, when THEY have to deal


with REALITY and THEY have to solve PROBLEMS. The antagonism and teachings of Alinski do not help


them understand how to solve the simplest problem. It just teaches them how to organize


unhappiness and frustration toward a political end. So, they achieved their political end, finally.


And now, where is the freakin beef? The main course of ANY kind of LEADERSHIP ?


Obamao is turning out to be just a product of radicalism, far less a leader than George McGovern, and he


wasn't one at all. Just a snivelling, angry, pouty platitude espouser at microphones.


Meanwhile, like during the Carter and Clinton pres years, no problem they used for political leverage


was ever solved. And Obama is a joke as pres compared to those wonks, with Carter only having a slim edge.


Wait, I'll post a video of a Russian delegation refusing to shake hands with Obamao...

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Don't worry, Cal. Obammy says we are going to spend our way out of it. John






"Oh, woe is us...."

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