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10 Million Could Lose Employer Coverage Under Senate Health Bill, CBO Says




The Congressional Budget Office estimates that up to 10 million people could lose their employer-based insurance coverage under the Senate's health care reform bill.


In new figures out Monday, the nonpartisan office said the net loss would add up to about 5 million -- the anticipated loss of employer coverage on one end would be offset in part by the expectation that a new mandate would drive other employers to cover millions more workers who are not currently covered.


But the estimate assumes many employers, particularly small businesses with low-wage workers, would opt to pay the fine and drop their insurance plans. The CBO estimated this would affect between 9 million and 10 million workers.


The estimate was provided after Republicans pressed the CBO for details on employer coverage, and it added fuel to the GOP argument that President Obama's claim that nobody will be forced to give up their private coverage is bunk. It comes in the middle of a heated debate in the Senate over whether and how the government should enter the market with its own insurance plan.


"If you like what you have you can't keep it," the Senate Republican office said in an e-mail highlighting the CBO report and keying off the president's refrain.


Though some of those who lose their coverage would be eligible for government subsidies to buy insurance, some would not, according to the CBO.


For instance, a family of four making more than $88,000 would not qualify for subsidies and could face even higher premiums in the private market.



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Isn't the legislation written to actually force this to happen?




Wouldn't be nice to be able to open a business and also write the rules of how people will have to purchase from you or a cometitor but at the same time write new laws that will cause your competition to have to increase their selling price to where they will no longer be able to compete with your business.




Sounds like a monopoly to me.

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