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How "They are to Big to Fail" Fails!

Mr. T

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How "They are to Big to Fail" Fails!



Obama administration predicts $30Billion loss on auto bailout


Meanwhile.... The guys who said, we dont need your printed dollars.


Ford Posts an Unexpected Profit, nearly $1 Billion



Have you driven a Ford lately?


Ford's making really, really good cars these days.


We have an '06 Mustang and if I had the money I would get a new one too. I digg it.

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We bought a farm truck - 99 Chevy Silverado, ext cab, 4wd, etc, 80 thou miles,


and it's excellent.


A new Ford F-150 of the same would also be excellent. No more supporting government motors...


But Choco - my family still owns an older F-350 dually diesel. They've had to get it fixed


about a bajillion times, what a lemon. Right now, it isn't running again...


Took it to the Ford dealer to get it fixed, got charged 800 bucks, starting doing the same thing again


two weeks later...


The garage finally admitted the engine needed rebuilt. At 64,000 MILES ? DIESEL? They wanted


5,800 bucks to do it.


So, we rebuilt the big old diesel ourselves - replaced glow plugs, etc.


Ran beautiful. We had never worked on a diesel engine before. Took a week. LOL


But the newer ford trucks are winning awards....

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I would like to buy an American car, but I have bought Honda the last 2 cars I bought. My girls Civic has 180,000 miles on it and runs almost new. We had the timing belt changed out way overdue at 155,000, after he changed out the belt, the guy was dumb founded that there were ZERO cracks or tears on the belt. It looked brand new. My ex had a 82 civic with 290,000 miles on it and she finally sold it (a while back in college). There is no denial that Honda makes a hell of a car.


I have owned a v6 F-150 and loved it, no problems. But I can't deny the quality of a Honda. I think if I knew how to fix cars it would be a different story, but since I am a mechanical dufass, I have to get the most reliable car possible.


It does seem like Ford has got it together. Does anyone have any insight on why GM is so different?

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Actually when GM can sell a car at a profit, the cars are really, really good. Buick and Cadillac are perennial makes atop JD Power's long term reliability list (Buick actually just made news by being at the TOP of that list). Caddys are excellent cars as well, man that CTS coupe that's coming out is sweet. The CTS is a great car.


The problem is that GM has such high legacy costs that they need to cut costs on regular Chevys and Pontiacs to compete price-wise. The estimated legacy cost (pensions, health care for retired workers) is somewhere around 2 grand per car. Imagine how much better the Malibu (another great Chevy, BTW) would be with another 2 grand in materials and engineering.


Most cars last to 150-200k miles these days with little work needed.


If I had two Chevys and Kosar had two hondas of the same MY, the difference after three years would be I would have had one more problem between both of the cars total. Not much of a difference at all these days.

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GM's getting free money......thats why.



Ford had to actually make changes to succeed, GM was given an extension to put off the inevitable.



Well its free for them but at the expense of those who pay taxes.


They got a pass to continue business as usual.


Why has GM gone through 3 CEO's this year?

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