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How would you describe Steelers fans?



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  1. 1. Are Steelers fans....

    • inbred toothless morons
    • huge inbred toothless morons

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You guys are pretty hilarious for coming on a Browns board.. and it doesn't even take 2 monkeys to know it.

Dont be a Baby , have a little fun with it !! :lol: we aint all here to Be assssssses ! I wouldnt be a 4 yr. member of this board if I was here to be an Ass.

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Well, one time, my Wife and I were vacationing on the island of Kaui, Hawaii, and while a party was going on at our Coconut Beach hotel, we walked out on the beach and laid out and watched the stars.


The surf was just enough to be great background music, the stars sparked like diamonds being moved under a pinpoint of light,


the Hawaiian luau music was beautiful, and we just layed there and took it all in.


A beautiful, mystical time, as the shooting stars flashed across the sky, and the moon began to rise off the far edge of the ocean horizon,


and after a while, we decided to go back to our room and get some sleep, since we always had big things planned for every entire day...


went to get up, picked up the blanket and stuff, and as I flashed the flashlight around to see if we missed anything, there


were holes in the ground, under the edge and all around our blanket, ...


crabs had crawled out of the sand and crawled to the ocean edge and gone in.


A lot of Steeler fans are like those crabs, ...


You can be having a great time, and all of a sudden, you realized they are gross and


unwelcome and you're glad when they're gone. @@

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