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Memo to Brian Daboll


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Daboll is an ignorant ass.


I know the weather was cold, but in the third quarter,


DumbbuttDaboll calls a run, run, pass and has to punt, just when we


need a long drive to score more points.


THEN? Daboll, on the very next drive, does it AGAIN? WTF????????


I hate him. Run, run, the whole defense knows he's going to do it...


then on third and long, odds are it won't work with an all out blitz...


and punt AGAIN?


It really seems to me, that the third quarter is where Daboll gets


worried that the Browns might win, so he sets the offense up with third and longs.


2 runs, and an under big pressure pass.


I hate that. I really, really hate it.

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Not this week guys, let's discuss this Monday. We just beat the Steelers. Come on.

Totally un understandable, but I posted this in the first half..... he just plain stinks with the garbage he calls.


On the flip side, I am liking Kris Jennings more and more as time goes on... wouldnt mind seeing him and Davis next year. Keep harrison for change of back.... he didnt see the field much again.....

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i believe a lot of the redundant play-calling is due to what they feel they can execute. this will naturally work itself out.


i also feel like i can see Bernie's influence...or maybe the offense really just couldn't handle much at first, and now it's showing up.


i'm pretty hard on the guy's results too but calling plays for a bunch of rookies and no-names playing against NFL teams can't be easy fwiw.

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I can see that, Sisky, but in the least, since daboll keeps forcing a lone throw in a 3 and out on third down...


it's the same play, only called more often on first or second down.

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Daboll ... it is 3rd and long, I don't think a screen (your xth of the night) is going to cut it



EVERYONE calls a screen on 3rd and very long with winds of 40 mph you can't get mad at him for that. What would have been a better call? Have your weak armed QB try and cut through the hurricane on a prayer route with 3 deep coverage and risk giving the game away? Or do you allow one of your guys to try and make a play and punt it if you have to? At least you live to see another posession and you don't take yourslf out of your gameplan.

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yeah, quite a few of those calls were ____.


but i'm tryin real hard to be positive here! for the past couple years (at least) this team has sputtered along using two downs to add penalties and lose yards and then 3rd down to convert. the penalties are lessening this year and the sacks are decreasing under Brady. if he continues to make good decisions protecting the ball, our running game keeps squirming for that extra yard or two (like they have been) and our defense is able to keep it close, we just might win some more in spite of Daboll! j/k

right now, execution of anything is preferable to exotic drops, miscues, improper routes, innacurate balls etc. K.I.S.S.


hey, moving forward just imagine what they can accomplish using THREE downs! if the players learn to not beat themselves through this experience then this clusterphuck '09 season will be well worth it.

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