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I told you so!

Mr. T

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Steelers are not as good as they think they are.


How many of their wins come against teams with winning records?


How many times have they lost to teams with losing records?


How many teams did the steelers beat in the playoffs and superbowl last season that had at least 10 wins or more in the regular season? 0


Just face it trolls your days are numbered 5 game losing streak, get used to it.


Mark this night, write down the score and watch over the next few years, the rolls have been reversed.


The only thing for steelers fans to do is wave their little coward towels



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Dude! Last year this time, My Uncle and I got in a fight with that dude!!!!!!!! he had a little kids jersey of the steelers, and we stole it and burnt it!!!

then got in trouble by the cops.





and not even kidding either

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