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Alex Mack


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even St. Clair and Womack had much better games (1st Q was a bit shaky).....


he snapped the ball and got us an encroachment penalty....which is smart football. i think hampton had one tackle, and sat most of the game. evander hood never got his name called.


it looks like the OL is trading off blocks much better now, maintaining a pocket rather than every man for himself.



JH had a couple nice blocks, stoning woodley a couple times.....farrior once.



another name not called? james harrison. thats how good joe is.

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Mack has been good since week 4 which is pretty damn impressive for a rookie center. Now that I found out last night that Mangini saved us $45 million in cap space by going to get him, I am absalutely F'n thrilled!!! I liked the pick before, I love it now! I think each of last year's picks will fulfill their respected roles soon. MoMass may very well be a start next year. Even if they don't all pan out, getting a franchise center a-la Jeff Saturday, and saving the team $45 million equals a very succesful drfat for Mangini.


You build this Mutha-fuker Eric!!

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