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Mangini Confident With Future With The Browns


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BEREA, Ohio -- Browns coach Eric Mangini is confident his system is working and that he has a future in Cleveland beyond this season.


With his team at 2-11 and speculation growing about his job status, Mangini believes his plan is taking root and that he'll turn around the Browns, who beat Pittsburgh 13-6 on Thursday night to end a 12-game losing streak against the Steelers.


Browns linebacker David Bowens said it would be a mistake if the club decides not to retain Mangini, who was fired after last season by the New York Jets. Bowens said he would be willing to speak with owner Randy Lerner on the coach's behalf and that the win over Pittsburgh was proof Mangini's system works.



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Keep in mind Romeo was confident too ,i have perceived Mangini as a coach whom has made some really bad mistakes throughout this season ,but the man is only human and as long as he learns from them and becomes a better coach for both the players and fans and ,if randy does finds a way to land a serious gm/czar and keep mangini..im good to go and time will tell who is right..


Its easy to forget he was running the whole show at once ,something he obviously wasnt ready to take on ,as a coach and only a coach he might be good..


Im officially off the mangini haters bandwagon..i have misjudged him in some ways..Daboll however is a different story...

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