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QB - just for one whole game with starters I truly beleive BQ is way better than DA. The reason why is his accuracy which will get better with more reps and timing down with starters.

RB - I truly beleive they are not using the RB's correctly and this is a coach issue either Chud or Romeo. I would use them with a two back layout like we did with Mack and Byner, but now is would be Lewis and Harrison. I think since vickers is out and this Ali guy sucks so play the backfield like that.

WR - This is a headache of a group. But if I was coach I would slap BE in the mouth and demote him to the #2 receiver spot and put either KW or DS as the #1, and see how quick BE starts catching and them move him back to #1. But they truly need to look at putting the best hands we have as the #2 receiver and that is KW.

TE - A true great TE is a TE like old Ozzie he could catch anything in his direction, pretty much if it hit his hand he was going to catch it, plus he needs to block great. Well winslow is the top half with catching, but he can't block my grandma. So I would truly put him as WR and try this rucker kid out or leave Dinkins and the others play that spot.

Line - True starters are Thomas, Steinbach, Fraley ( who I will think about replacing next year , not good against big Dmen), Tucker ( who is getting old and should be looking to replay too next year), and Shaffer ( who I would look at replacing next year too). So with this said the guys I would replace are still better than what we have behind them. Thomas showed we need young guys not old players from other teams. So I would look at the end of season to shop Fraley, Tucker, and Shaffer for more picks too pick up some you talent. Plus with just Shaffers contract it will help us alot on cap room. Plus he hasn't been happy since being moved from left tackle to right tackle.


NT - Shaun Rogers - great pickup need to find another guy in draft to back him up, because after him its a huge drop off on production.

DE - Williams - is a wash up need to drop his butt quickly after the season. Thats a bad pickup by Savage. Thats it we need big time help on this.

LB's- I would keep Dwell , but everyone else not worth keeping.

SS,FS - Jones is a keeper, but I would move Poole out. And look for a replacements.

CB's - Wright is good will get better in time. MCD is not as good as wright , but has potential that he might be good in a couple of years so I would keep but look for a replacement and bring MCD slower.

Special Teams:

KR, PR - Cribbs (enough said he is awesome)

Punter - Decent was probably the best we had since coming back. His back is the only thing I am afraid of. So maybe look for someone younger.

Kicker - Dawson he has been great would not change, but would have caution he is not young so don't throw too much money his way.

Coaches and Management:

HC - Romeo is a great coordinator, but sucks as a coach needs to move him up into management as a personal advisor.

OC - Chud is good, but not great. At this time would not make him a HC.

DC - Tucker I thik this was a bad move to move him to DC. I would of rather kept the other guy rathman.

SC - Special teams been decent.

GM - I think he has potential give him some more time, and could be OZZIE type GM. But if Ozzie came free from the Shitbirds I would jump all over him.

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