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Joe Thomas thinks Josh Cribbs could be a premier NFL running back


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Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas is convinced that Josh Cribbs could be a top running back in the NFL.


"There's no doubt," said Thomas, after watching the game film of Cribbs rushing for 87 yards against the Steelers' top-ranked run defense. "I think he's too valuable to take off of kick return and punt return and special teams, but there's no doubt in my mind, especially after seeing the things that he did [Thursday night] that he'd be an extremely successful running back in the NFL.


"The guy's got some unbelievable vision, just watching the game film and seeing him going to his left, step toward the sideline.


"He must have some unbelievable vision because he could see all way back to his right, there was a lane the whole way back, like some of the greatest running backs in the NFL could. He hit a seam and took it for about 20-some yards. He kind of takes the approach it's a punt return. But the vision he's got is amazing."


Cribbs agreed.


"Being a jack of all trades, I feel like that's one of my abilities. My position is running back. I was a running back back in the day. The WildDawg is me at running back. It's a straight handoff. It's not like we're trying to fool you with the quarterback being in the mix. I'm getting the ball and I'm running it; try to stop me."


Cribbs had a 37-yard run, the longest of the game, out of the WildDawg to set up a field goal. He also had runs of 18 and 14 yards out of the formation. With 13 more yards, he would've been the first rusher to gain 100 yards on the Steelers in 31 games.


Cribbs underwent X-rays on his ankle after the game, but they were negative.


"When the kicker tackled me the second time -- he was a linebacker in college, I've got to add that, a scholarship linebacker, I had to look up his stats -- he got me pretty good, rolled up on my ankle a little bit. I knew it wasn't anything serious but the Browns are really taking precautions to make sure I can be out there next Sunday. I got some treatment this morning, and I'll be back at practice on Wednesday."



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I question Cribbs' running between the tackles, but besides that there is no doubt he would be a beast of a running back. The man just refuses to go down

Like the article said though, He is way too important on special teams to take off kick returns. Keep him in the WildDawg where he would be most effective.

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Josh Cribbs a running back are you kidding!!!! Josh Cribbs can do alot return kicks and punts, WildDawg, wide reciever but his body cannot withstand the beating it would recieve at the RB position. I love what cribbs brings to the browns but i question his durability as a rb. One thing i do know is that we need to "Pay the Man"

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There are at least 3 things wrong with this post. See who can name them all first!

1. Cribbs IS as tough as nails! No question.

2. Nagging injuries?!?

3. Not 100%. He has thrown the ball ... he even has an interception. He learned it from watching DA.

4. He was a QB at Kent State.


Oops ... that's 4 ... my bad :)

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