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Should Mangini have been hired  

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  1. 1. If you could go back and do it again knowing what we know now, would you want Mangini hired?

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This is just a simple poll on whether or not you would go back and hire Mangini again based on what you know now. I personally hated this hiring and wanted him fired all season long. However now that the team is showing improvement in some areas and beat the Steelers, I can say that I want to give him at least one more year. However, this does not mean that I would have hired him. I still voted "no" because if I could go back in time I would hire someone else. PLEASE DON'T TURN THIS THREAD INTO A FIRE/KEEP MANGINI AT THE END OF THE SEASON DISCUSSION. I don't care about if you want him fired today, this has to do with turning back time and making this decision again.

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"i hated him all year and was mad we hired him"


how is that based on what we know NOW?


what are your thoughts on the "now" side of it that we can see?

i said that because of the way i voted. i was so blinded by my shear hatred of the hire that i didn't want to give him a chance at all. however, seeing progress being made (little by little) makes me want to give him another year. seeing this progress though hasn't changed my mindset on his hiring though. i still think there were better people for the job and they could have a done a better job long term: why? because mangini has never built a team up from the ground and looks lost at times. robiskie and veikune are prime examples of this. they could have had rey maluaga instead of robiskie (a guy who almost never plays) and could have a drafted a lineman instead of veikune (a guy who hasn't sniffed the field for even one play this year). i'm not saying that all draft picks are going to be pro bowlers, but we made huge mistakes taking these two guys, at least for now. i am just worried that he may blow more picks in the upcoming draft.

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I was for him then totally against him and now im trying to be neutral as what we think doesnt really matter ,i still dont believe in or buy into his stale ,uninspiring ,unbending offensive mindset and actually think this system would struggle to succeed even if it had the very best nfl players at every position..


The guy is a natural salesman and even though he said..

hey czar come on in and see what we do ,i believe in what im doing ,i dont have to sell it..
well after the pukesburgh win he is now suddenly trying to sell us all on how his system is finally "starting" to work "its a process in motion" personally i contribute our victory not so much as mangini's doing but to fresh blood with very little film to study and a tremendous effort by ryan and the defense and cribbs to make a statement for themselves and to bring us fans the victory against the steelers we have desired for years combined with a crippled steeler team..


My biggest doubts in mangini are that he is so unbending and arrogant in his belief that his offensive system is perfect as it is that he fails to adjust or make even small tweaks to accommodate the talents available, including the use of joshua cribbs...

I do believe every coach should get a fair chance and should be judged by what he does with what he has to work with and mangini gets a big fat zero here ,clearly a lack of creativity and "a players must fit my scheme" attitude and the inability to compromise or change up doesnt win many games in the nfl...


As a fan i feel this whole year was wasted and a proper tear down should have been mostly done and even completed in the offseason not during the regular season when folks are paying to watch pro football..he has damaged this clubs reputation at every level and progress has been slow to non existent...


Players and others can say he has disciplined the team and brought toughness and a feeling of family that cant be broken and i would say to them 99% of all coaches do that without exception with romeo being the exception ,those are 2 requirements for success along with being flexible and creative mangini fails here..


Rather he gets another year or not is at the discretion of the czar/gm and i can go with that because its my belief a creative czar that wants to win consistently will fire mangini at the end of next year anyways unless he gets creative and flexible ,as far as starting over..we are starting over next year anyways with or without mangini...


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I voted no only because I wasn't a fan to begin with and at this point, who knows if the situation would be better or worse today with someone else.


Still as of today I'm ready to let him do his thing for one more season.

I repeat, the team could have just quit.

They didn't.

Time for disgruntled players to move on.



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