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We are winning games without a QB


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Wow, amazing performances by Cribbs and Harrison yesterday. I know we were playing against the suck-ass chiefs, but 2 kick off returns and 286 yards is A LOT against any team. Returning kick-offs is a hard thing to do, that's why 8 in a career is the record. Thank you Cribbs, oh and lerner, PAY THE MAN! As for Harrison, I imagine Chiefs fans felt like we did when Jamal ran all over us for 295 yards. You know it is coming but you are powerless to stop it. Now think if we had a QB that could just simply complete passes along with what Cribbs and Harrison did yesterday. I honestly think they could have taken BQ out and had Cribbs just run the offense through the WildDawg yesterday and it wouldn't of made any difference in the outcome. The one pass Cribbs did throw (although incomplete) was better than brady threw up all day. Under no circumstances am I saying that Cribbs should be QB, I'm just saying for the 2nd win in a row BQ did nothing substantial to contribute to the win. Sure, you can argue that he didn't screw up and throw 14 picks like DA might have, but I have never seen a QB do less positive things than BQ and win 2 consecutive games.

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