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He Said We Would Run the Ball


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I don't know how many of you remember before the started I think it was soon after he was hired Mangini said in an interview that we would run the ball this year and be successful at doing so. I remember this because it made an impression on me two different ways. #1 I thought boy that would be nice we have not been able to consistently run the ball at all since we have been back and that is what you need to do to consistently win. #2 I thought, yeah right we have heard plenty of times coaches tell us how he need to run the ball etc. I didn't think this "promise" was going to be any different.


With that said I have been impressed over the last few games how we have been having success running the ball. I wasn't sure what I thought about Mangini when we hired him, but after the draft I liked him a lot more then we lost some games (being nice there) and I lost some of my fire for him but over the last few games I really think he might be the guy for us to succeed with. I really hope we continue to let the guy work and hopefully we will continue to see the team grow. Let him spend some of our FA money and get his draft picks in here and see what he can do.

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