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no talk about the laker game


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the lakers and their fans looked like a bunch of whiney little spoiled brat bitches. i can't believe they started throwing foam fingers and water bottles onto the court.


the lakers started playing dirty when their subpar d couldn't do the trick and phil jackson had the nerve to complain about foul calls. the fakers had the officiating going their way until the game got out of reach and they started playing dirty against the cavs. f*ck the fakers!!!!!!!!!!!

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Moon is also playing well. That dunk from the feed by LeBron was awesome.


That dunk was too nice!


I was pissed when Kobe bulldozed over Mo and Mo didn't get up! It was right after Kobe was bitching about not getting a foul call and you know it was intentional! I wanted Shaq or somebody to put him on his ass!

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