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Cribbs at RB


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I've been hearing a lot more lately about this idea of plaing Cribbs at RB. He is clearly the best player on this team and that warrants finding ways to get the ball in his hands. He's also clearly not a good receiver. He is best creating with the ball in his hands, but his catching, route running, and all the other intangilbes that make receivers great aren't there. What's your thoughts about putting Cribbs in the backfield and taking a commitee RB approach with Harrison, Cribbs, and maybe Jennings for short yardage?


I'm on the fence with this still. Cribbs is great in space, but returning kicks and playing running back are totally different. I'm up for trying it, just because he is such a dynamic player, but I'm not sure it would work. I think drafting a RB is pointless, especially in the first 3 rounds so unless we can land a decent FA, I don't think our backfield is going have any major personel changes. Cribbs moving to the backfield would be like adding another playmaker if it works, because he doesn't make that big an impact on any regular offensive possession. If it doesn't work and he's a bad RB, then it's not like we've wasted a pick or wasted our money. Thoughts?

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