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Last Minute Front Row Free Tickets!


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Hi everyone - I have some great seats that came open this morning in the FRONT ROW of the upper deck, about 10 yard line FREE to a fellow BrownsBoard member!


I'm heading to the game today - sitting with some friends looking forward to the snow.

However, I just had a customer back out at the last minute on four other seats so I now have 4 seats together for anyone interested.


Shoot me an email if you're interested at mhm@netlink.net.


These are GREAT SEATS - upper deck, FRONT ROW. Since I'm heading down anyway I'll be glad to drop them at will-call for you. All you need to do is have an ID to pick them up!



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Glad you responded so quickly this morning and it was good to meet you. Funny that we ended up living in the same town even!

Good seats, huh? Even better game!


Also glad to see you registered finally! Go Browns!



Yea it was a great game to be at! You were right, having that wall behind us and the glass in front blocked most of the wind :) The weather wasnt too bad at all.

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