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Chiefs expected to hire Crennel


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Romeo Crennel is expected to return to coaching with the Kansas City Chiefs next season as the team's defensive coordinator, according to to multiple league sources.


Kansas City wanted to hire the former Cleveland Browns head coach as its defensive coordinator last offseason, but his hip surgery made it too challenging for him to do the job right.


Now that Crennel is healed from his hip surgery and itching to return, he is likely to join Kansas City's coaching staff this offseason.


Clancy Pendergast is the current defensive coordinator for the Chiefs.


Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli worked with Crennel in New England, and Kansas City is looking for ways to upgrade its defense.


Hiring Crennel would be one of the first steps the Chiefs would take in their defensive makeover.

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Crennel is a great defensive mind. He's a former college defensive lineman, he coached defensive line for WKU, Texas Tech, Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, New England Pats, NYJ and NYG, as well as being a pretty solid defensive coordinator in New England for 4 or so years. I would have loved to had him as our DC, but I'm interested see how the big Robowski does next year.


Good job, KC.

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He wont go unless kansas City has a Damons rib house. :lol:


They have places way better than Damons. And Romeo isn't very discriminating when it comes to food.


To make a long story short, I was seated at a table in Nashville and right next to me sat Romeo when he was our DC. He was alone and I was with my son who might have been 10 at the time, so we started up a conversation...and I'll tell you, Romeo could put away the bread and butter...must have eaten 3 loafs before and during his meal..


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