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Browns finish strong, Broncos melt down: how about that?

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I have always said I'd speak after the 16th game is over.

It is over now.

I think we have seen that our coaching staff, given some time to better know the players, can coach a poorly talented team with results. Tangible results.

Let's give these guys a better team and see how it goes.

I'm confident.

Specially because I've seen some coaches, which were highly regarded by some press at some point of the season, melt down with their teams in december.

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Both of them did things that hurt their image with fans...one said to much to often and didnt know when to draw the line lost fan support and playr respect ,the other was "mr. secret agent man the childish" and he didnt say enough early on and lost much of the fanbase support but he did gain the players respect both for team and self...its to bad mangini didnt open up his process more to the fans early on..many of us became so blinded by his anti-fanish rhetoric that we missed the fact he needed to make the players a family before inviting us the extended family in...


Mangini is a far better coach than many of us had given him credit for ,more importantly he has a plan and we are just seeing it take root , mcdaniels is young and fiery he has much to learn yet he is wet behind the ears but gifted..

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