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Matt Hasselbeck


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does anyone think Holmgren will bring him in? I would welcome the move, he's a solid smart QB who can still play, the only reason why he's been injured so much this year and isn't performing as well is because his pocket collapses very quickly.


it would be a nice move to have him mentor whichever QB would be the future.

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It's not quite true that the only reason Hass was hurt so much is his pocket's collapsing. He's not a great decision-maker. He has lost a great deal of athleticism, but he still plays as if he has that ability to escape and make plays. Consider that he was sacked 32 times in 520 dropbacks. That's one per 16 dropbacks. Quinn was sacked, by comparison, once per 14.5 dropbacks. Why think that Hasselbeck would see better protection with Cleveland? Plus, Seattle has better receivers.


Nonetheless, Hasselbeck threw 17 picks compared to 17 TDs and posted a rating of 75.1. Over the past two seasons, he has 22 TDs, 27 INTs, has hit on 58% of his passes, and has been sacked 51 times in 21 games. His rating is 69.9 in that time.


Compare it with Quinn, whom so many believe has nothing to offer a NFL team: He has 10 TDs vs 9 INTs, has hit on 52.5% of his passes, and has been sacked 25 times in 13 games. His rating is 67.0 in that time.


I'm a Notre Dame fan. I follow Notre Dame players in the NFL. With Seattle having Julius Jones and John Carlson in the starting lineup, I watched at least half of Seattle's games this year and last year. I think Hass was once a very gutsy player (actually, he's still incredibly tough and gutsy) with a big arm, was a risk-taker, and had the improvisational abilities to make things happen. Now he's older, slower, but still makes decisions like he's more physically gifted. For comparison, Seneca Wallace has posted a better comp%, TD:INT ratio, and passer rating over the past two seasons.


So if you want to bring him in to mentor BQ, that's fine if he comes at a relative bargain. Can't see it happening though.

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