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Playoffs: who do you have?


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okay, now that the playoffs are set i was wondering who you guys think will go on to the championship game in the super bowl.


http://www.chiff.com/recreation/sports/NFL...kets.htm---with the 1, 2 seeds being colts and chargers, saints and vikings respectively


in the AFC:


Jets vs bengals: Like the jets, even at home the jets have all the momentum in that game JETS

Ravens at New England: LOVE the ravens in this game, brady won't know what do without Welker RAVENS


Next round, according to my predictions:


Chargers vs Jets: Can't go away from the Chargers, they are looking to be the best team in football right now CHARGERS

Colts vs Ravens: Although I think the ravens will make this a very close game, manning eeks it out COLTS


AFC Championship:


Colts vs Chargers: 1 vs 2 seed yea, but I think they are heads and shoulders above everyone else. The Chargers win this game on a last second field goal CHARGERS


In the NFC:

Philly vs Dallas: Dallas finally wakes up and beats the Eagles in a very good game. COWBOYS

Green Bay vs Arizona: It's hard to go against Arizona, but I honestly feel Green Bay is the dark horse to win the whole thing this year GREEN BAY


Next round, according to my predictions:

Green Bay vs New Orleans: As i stated, i love Green Bay. The saints are in a downward slump and Green Bay wins in the shock of the playoffs PACKERS

Dallas vs Minnesota: Good game, I feel like Brett Favre rises to the occasion realizing it's his last chance (maybe) to get it done VIKINGS


NFC championship:

Green Bay vs Minnesota: A very hard game for me to call, but as much as I hate Favre I think he gets it done against his old team. The week 17 game showed me he can still get it done on a high level. Minnesota in a great game VIKINGS


Super Bowl:

San Diego vs Minnesota: A great game, Brett Favre rises to the occasion and has a great game. However, in the end the chargers get it done and become super bowl champions



so who you got? i was hoping if enough people get in on it I would keep tally and award a preverbial "winner" based on what happens. All ties go with the final score of the super bowl.

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AFC- I think it's coming down to SD @ Indy. I thought Cincy could be a dark horse, but after last night, I see them as one & done. New England may not even beat our hated Ratbirds this week. The Jets/Cincy winner is definitely one & done.

Even though I hate what the Colts did down the stretch, I see them in the Superbowl, edging SD in the title game.


NFC- I like how Dallas is playing right now. If Arizona survives Green Bay, look out. I think Arizona is good enough to knock off New Orleans, who is truly slumping (& Kurt Warner is a serious big-game QB). So it's Arizona @ Dallas (Cowboys take down Minnesota in 2nd round).

Romo gets it done, Dallas on to Superbowl.


Indy 28 Dallas 24 in the Superbowl.



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Actually, I feel that Cincy wins against the Jets. Last night was an aberration.


Cincy over Jets

Ravens over Patriots


Cincy over Chargers

Colts over Patriots


Colts over Cincy


In the NFC


Dallas over Philly

Cardinals over Packers (again, yesterday was an aberration.)


Vikings over Dallas in a squeaker (Favre shows why Chilly wanted him).

Cardinals over Saints


Cardinals over Vikings (the mid season domination shows why the Cardinals are where they are.)


Cardinals beat Colts

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I always look at the top-ranked defenses. In the AFC that is the Jets, Ravens and Bengals. In the NFC that is the Vikings and Packers.


I'll go with Vikings over Bengals because they have the best QBS of those teams and can run the ball too.



--Vikings are the most complete team.

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Philly vs San Diego


In the battle of "The Coach that can't win the big One"


Andy Reid finally does


if philly can get by dallas, i think they have a good shot too. That offense has the pieces to tear it up, and the defense is definitely sound. They lost a lot of momentum last week though.

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It will be interesting to see if Philly can go into Dallas and punch the Cowboys in the mouth. Plus it would be fun to watch the shitstorm come down on Phillips and Romo if they do lay an egg.


Chargers are obviously the sexy pick this year.


Green Bay is the dark horse.


I would love the Jets if they had a veteran quarterback. I cant see Sanchez going through the entire playoffs without screwing up one game royally on his end.


Avoiding the sexy pick and dark horse... Ill go with Bolts/Vikings and take Favre finally solidifying the END of his career with a win without looking back.

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