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First 8 games - Second 8 games


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1st 8 2nd 8 Difference


Record: 1-7 4-4 +3

Points scored 78 167 +89

Third down % 24% 40% +15%

Ave total yds 221 299 +78

Ave per yd rush 3.8 4.5 +0.7

total turnovers 23 8 -15



points allowed 209 166 -43

ave rush yd 170 118 -52

SACKS 16 24 +8

TD's allowed 24 17 -7


A little 2008 to 2009 comparision


2008 2009

record 4-12 5-11 +1

sacks 17 40 +23

off points scored 245 232 +13


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Most of the people in the national media (and probably alot of the local media especially here in Columbus) don't actually watch the Browns games, so all you hear is the negatives.


I've actually heard local Columbus schleps say that the Browns winning out in December is totally pointless and means nothign to their future (hello? you play to win the game.) It's especially bad when a marble mouth like Chris Spielman rags all over the Browns and Mangini when he has a prominant local celebrity opinion that thousands of braindea buckeye fans glom onto, which makes the anti-Mangini fervor kick it up to another new high week in and week out. Seriously, these guys trash the Browns HARDER when we win (who cares if we set franchise records in rushing and win 4 straight, we cant pass the ball so we must be an awful team).

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