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Peter King's All-Pro Team


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LT Joe Thomas, Cleveland.

Lost in the badness, Thomas is a powerful drive-blocker and deft pass-blocker.


Special Teams

KR Josh Cribbs, Cleveland.

Scariest returner in the game -- and he adds to it by being a pushing hitter on other kicking units.


Special Teams Player Blake Costanzo, Cleveland.

No player can match his production on teams this year: 14 tackles, two forced fumbles, three fumbles recovered



While Thomas and Cribbs are known studs, I found it very interesting that he placed Blake Costanzo out there. I knew #54 had made an impact on special teams, I just didn't realize how much! Good for him!






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Also, Blake Costanzo is the most successful IRL troll in the NFL. He only got called for one personal foul this year, against the raiders (I think). However, for almost every special teams play where an opposing team's player was flagged for a personal foul, the camera would always pan to Costanzo running his mouth off toward the guy. He totally knows how to get under people's skin, and hilarity usually ensues.


Thanks Blake. I hope you're in orange and brown next year.

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